The Frank Story: Band$ From Tha Rose Delivers a Fiery Diss Track

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Band$ From Tha Rose has dropped a new diss track titled "The Frank Story" targeting Lefty Gunplay, and it's creating waves in the hip-hop community. Shot by SmVisuals707, this fiery video showcases Band$ From Tha Rose's lyrical prowess and unfiltered storytelling.

The diss track kicks off with a bang, calling out Frank directly and questioning his authenticity in the rap game. Band$ From Tha Rose doesn't hold back, taking jabs at Frank's lifestyle and credibility: "acting hard 'cause you geeking on drugs" and "poor little Frank ain't slept for weeks." The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the rivalry, with Band$ From Tha Rose asserting dominance and claiming that Frank's bravado is all an act.

Throughout the track, Band$ From Tha Rose uses clever wordplay and sharp insults to dismantle Frank's image, making it clear that this beef is personal. Lines like "I'm down south on your side of the man" and "quick question where you from, 'cause in that video you was throwing 31" highlight the intense scrutiny and rivalry between the two.

The video itself, shot by SmVisuals707, adds a dynamic visual layer to the diss track, complementing the aggressive tone of the lyrics. The catchy refrain "this is how we do it" punctuates the track, emphasizing Band$ From Tha Rose's confidence and style.

As the diss track progresses, Band$ From Tha Rose continues to challenge Frank, questioning his past and mocking his attempts to portray a tough image. The track culminates in a bold declaration: "Frankie, I'mma turn you to my child," underscoring the dominance Band$ From Tha Rose aims to establish.

For those following the hip-hop scene and interested in the latest beefs and diss tracks, "The Frank Story" by Band$ From Tha Rose is a must-watch. The video captures the raw energy and competitive spirit that define the genre.

Check out the full video and share your thoughts on who came out on top in this lyrical showdown. Watch "The Frank Story" now and dive into the heart of this hip-hop rivalry.

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