Mega Boxes Return in Brawl Stars: Meet New Brawlers Barry & Clancy!

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Brawl Stars fans, get ready for an electrifying update! The latest patch brings back Mega Boxes and introduces two exciting new brawlers, Barry and Clancy. This update promises to shake up the game with innovative features and thrilling gameplay changes. Here’s everything you need to know!

**Barry: The Sweet Healer of Candyland**

Barry is the newest epic brawler joining the Brawl Stars roster. Completing the Candyland Trio alongside Mandy and Chester, Barry brings a unique twist to the battlefield. Working in the candy shop, Barry is often caught in Chester’s pranks and Mandy’s rages but remains thankful for his place in the trio.

Barry’s main attack involves throwing globs of melted ice cream that deal damage over time to enemies stuck in the puddle. Unlike Barley’s attack, Barry’s globs not only deal 1,320 damage per second but also heal teammates for 660 health per second. This makes Barry a formidable support character, capable of sustaining multiple allies simultaneously.

His super attack is equally impressive. Barry spins rapidly and dashes forward, leaving a trail of melted ice cream that damages enemies and heals allies for 340 health. The lingering ice cream trail continues to deal damage and provide healing, mirroring his main attack’s effects. Notably, Barry can charge his super by healing, adding a strategic layer to his gameplay.

**Clancy: The Fierce Competitor**

Details on Clancy weren’t fully disclosed in the video, but fans can expect another dynamic addition to the game. Known for breaking down barriers and bringing fresh mechanics to the arena, Clancy is sure to be a hit among players.

**New Hypercharges and More**

The update also introduces seven new hypercharges, promising to enhance the abilities of various brawlers. These hypercharges are set to create more engaging and tactical battles, ensuring that each match feels unique and exhilarating.

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For a deeper dive into Barry’s abilities and to discover more about Clancy and the new hypercharges, watch the full breakdown by KairosTime. Click [here]( to watch the video and get all the details on the latest Brawl Stars update.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy brawling!

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