Charles Barkley Compares Anthony Edwards to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Monday, April 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent episode of Inside the NBA, Charles Barkley couldn't contain his excitement as he praised Anthony Edwards for his impressive performance in the Minnesota Timberwolves' playoff matchup against the Phoenix Suns. Barkley, known for his candid remarks, compared Edwards to two basketball legends: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Barkley was particularly impressed with Edwards' postgame comments, where the young player confidently stated, "I'm just gonna kill everything in front of me." This level of determination and killer instinct reminded Barkley of the fierce competitiveness that Jordan and Bryant possessed. He emphasized that these qualities are rare in today's game, where many players prioritize camaraderie over competition.

The former NBA star also discussed the ongoing series between the Timberwolves and the Suns. Despite the Suns' dominance during the regular season, Barkley acknowledged that Minnesota has proven to be a formidable opponent. He commended their performance and expressed his belief that they are just as good as advertised. However, he also acknowledged that the playoffs are a different beast altogether and that the Timberwolves need to continue proving themselves.

Barkley highlighted the importance of experienced players like Mike Conley, who has been instrumental in guiding the team and helping them navigate the intensity of playoff basketball. Additionally, Barkley couldn't help but comment on Karl-Anthony Towns' playing style. While he appreciated Towns' ability to shoot three-pointers, he felt that the player should take advantage of his size advantage and utilize post-ups to create easy baskets and force double teams.

Overall, Barkley's high praise for Anthony Edwards and his comparison to basketball icons Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant speaks volumes about the young player's potential and impact on the game. Fans and basketball enthusiasts alike are eagerly watching Edwards' journey, hoping to witness the development of a future superstar.

To hear more of Charles Barkley's insights and analysis, be sure to watch the full episode of Inside the NBA. It's an episode filled with engaging discussions and expert opinions that you won't want to miss. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!

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