Hunter Biden to Face Gun Charges in Delaware Trial

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 11:17 AM CDT

Hunter Biden to Face Gun Charges in Delaware Trial

As the date approaches for Hunter Biden's criminal trial in Delaware, U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika has confirmed that the proceedings will commence as scheduled on June 3, rejecting attempts by Biden's attorney, Abbe Lowell, to postpone the trial to September or July. The case, which involves gun charges linked to Hunter Biden's alleged drug use, has garnered significant attention, with the defense team seeking addiction experts to testify and Judge Noreika planning to call 250 jurors for selection.

Despite Lowell's plea for more time to prepare, Judge Noreika criticized the defense for not being ready, especially given the agreed-upon start date. Prosecutors are set to present alleged evidence of Biden's drug use, including a cocaine pouch related to the purchase of a gun in October 2018. Hunter Biden, who has been indicted on three counts and has pleaded not guilty, is also facing a separate tax trial in California, which may see delays due to an appeal.

The high-profile nature of the case has made securing expert witnesses challenging for the defense, with only half of the potential experts agreeing to testify. Over 2,000 messages from the time of the gun purchase, some involving former Vice President Joe Biden, are expected to be used as evidence. Special Counsel David Weiss intends to reference excerpts from Hunter Biden's memoir "Beautiful Things" to establish the nature of his addiction.

While Hunter Biden acknowledges his past struggles with crack cocaine, his legal team argues he did not break any laws. Nonetheless, prosecutors point to the memoir's clear admission of addiction, which could be influencing the difficulty in finding expert witnesses. An initial plea deal to resolve misdemeanor tax charges fell apart, leading to the current scenario where Hunter Biden faces serious allegations in both Delaware and California.

In Delaware, the charges center on false statements regarding his drug use and background check compliance for gun ownership, as well as possession of a firearm while being an acknowledged drug user. The California case involves felony and misdemeanor charges related to tax evasion and extravagant spending while allegedly owing at least $1.4 million in taxes.

Despite having paid his back taxes, Hunter Biden's legal battles continue as his lawyers appeal the California case, citing funding issues for Special Counsel Weiss that were not approved by Congress. As political implications loom, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has permitted the Delaware case to proceed, setting the stage for what promises to be a closely watched trial.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, we see the liberal elite's blatant disregard for the rule of law, with Hunter Biden's gun charges serving as a perfect example of the Democrats' hypocrisy and corruption. Despite having the protection of his father's political clout, Hunter's charade is finally being brought to light. The refusal of the judge to delay the trial is a victory for justice, as it's high time this privileged leftist faced the consequences of his actions. His attempts to play the addiction card and garner sympathy are nothing but a smokescreen to distract from the truth—that he's a lawbreaker who thinks he's above the law, typical of the liberal mindset that rules do not apply to them. The evidence is clear as day, but the liberal media and the Democrat establishment will do anything to protect their own, even when they're caught red-handed. It's a disgrace that they've allowed this saga to drag on, all while they demonize law-abiding citizens and try to strip away our Second Amendment rights. Hunter Biden's recklessness and entitlement are the embodiment of liberal values, and it's time for the American people to see through the lies and deceit of the left.

Liberal Bias:

In the ongoing political witch hunt against Hunter Biden, we see yet another attempt by the conservative machinery to weaponize the legal system against the family of a prominent Democrat. The insistence on rushing the trial without adequate preparation time is a clear indication of the bias and unseemly haste to score political points. The focus on Hunter Biden's personal struggles with addiction is a low blow and a desperate move to divert attention from the systemic issues that plague our society, issues that conservatives consistently ignore or exacerbate. The fact that a memoir detailing personal challenges is being used as a weapon in court is a testament to the depths to which the right will sink in their efforts to undermine political opponents. This is not justice; this is a calculated smear campaign designed to tarnish the Biden family and distract from the real issues facing Americans. It's a sad day for our country when the legal system becomes a tool for vindictive politics, driven by a conservative agenda that has no qualms about destroying lives for the sake of retaining power. Hunter Biden's case is being exploited to feed a narrative of Democratic criminality, while the Republicans turn a blind eye to the corruption and moral bankruptcy within their own ranks.

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