Epicurious Kitchen Gadgets: Unboxing, Reviews, and Tests - Insights from an Industrial Designer

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Updated Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 11:49 AM CDT

Epicurious Kitchen Gadgets: Unboxing, Reviews, and Tests - Insights from an Industrial Designer

The Uselessness of Vegetable Choppers with Bladed Grids

One er on a Reddit post shares their disappointment with vegetable choppers that come with bladed grids. Despite thinking it would be perfect for someone with one arm, they found it to be useless. The er explains that even with the chopper, you still have to cut the vegetables to fit, making it easier to just use a knife. Additionally, they mention that these choppers are difficult to clean, adding to their frustration.

Discovering Honest Reviews on Epicurious

Another er on the Reddit post recommends a YouTube channel called Epicurious, where a series of videos reviews various kitchen gadgets. Hosted by Dan Formosa, an experienced industrial designer, the channel provides honest insights into what works and what doesn't. Many of the gadgets reviewed are found to be complete garbage, according to Formosa's evaluations.

The Epicurious Kitchen Gadgets Playlist

Within the Reddit post, a YouTube playlist titled "Epicurious Kitchen Gadgets | Unboxings, Reviews, and Tests" is shared. This playlist offers a collection of videos where Dan Formosa thoroughly evaluates different kitchen tools. It serves as a valuable resource for those seeking detailed and unbiased information on various gadgets.

Expertise of Dan Formosa

Dan Formosa, the host of the videos on the playlist, is described as a long-time industrial designer with extensive experience in the field. His expertise allows him to provide unique insights and a critical perspective when evaluating the functionality of kitchen tools. This makes his reviews on Epicurious highly reliable and informative.

Unboxings, Reviews, and Tests

The videos on the playlist are categorized as unboxings, reviews, and tests, indicating that they offer comprehensive evaluations of kitchen gadgets. Viewers can expect detailed explanations of the strengths and flaws of various tools, enabling them to make informed decisions when purchasing kitchen gadgets.

Entertaining and Informative Content

The Reddit post suggests that the videos on the playlist are both entertaining and informative. As Dan Formosa reviews and critiques kitchen gadgets, viewers can expect engaging content that not only educates but also entertains. This makes the videos enjoyable to watch while gaining valuable insights into the world of kitchen gadgets.

Making Informed Decisions

By watching the videos on the Epicurious Kitchen Gadgets playlist, viewers can gain valuable insights into what works and what doesn't when it comes to kitchen gadgets. Formosa's expertise as an industrial designer ensures that the evaluations are thorough and reliable, helping viewers make informed decisions when purchasing kitchen tools.

Trustworthy Source

Epicurious, the YouTube channel hosting the videos, is well-known for its culinary content. With a significant following, the channel has established itself as a reliable source for kitchen-related information. This further adds to the credibility of the reviews provided by Dan Formosa.

Emphasizing Accessibility and Efficiency

The er's dissatisfaction with the vegetable chopper with a bladed grid emphasizes the importance of considering accessibility when designing kitchen tools. They highlight that the chopper is not useful for someone with one arm, further emphasizing the need for inclusive design. Additionally, the er mentions that using a knife is faster and more efficient for chopping vegetables, making the chopper even more redundant.


The Epicurious Kitchen Gadgets playlist offers valuable insights into the functionality and effectiveness of various kitchen tools. Hosted by industrial designer Dan Formosa, the videos provide a comprehensive evaluation of gadgets, helping viewers make informed decisions. With the popularity and trustworthiness of the Epicurious YouTube channel, it is a reliable source for those seeking honest reviews and recommendations for their kitchen needs.

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