The Hamburglar Strikes Again: McDonald's Order Bamboozled with Missing Meat

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

An image circulating on Reddit has sparked a wave of amusement and bewilderment among fast food enthusiasts, highlighting a peculiar mishap at McDonald's. The image showcases a McDonald's paper bag with an attached receipt detailing an order from the drive-thru, including items like Coke Zero, Double Quarter Cheese, Double Cheese, and large fries. However, upon opening the burger boxes, the customer was met with a surprising discovery—buns with condiments, but no meat.

The comments section was filled with humorous and empathetic reactions. One user quipped, "No beef left pickle," while another humorously declared, "The hamburglar strikes again." The sentiment was echoed by another comment, "Where’s the beef?" reminiscing the famous Wendy's commercial.

A user who works in a fast-casual restaurant shared a relatable scenario, explaining how such mistakes can happen during rush hours. They detailed a process where an employee, not paying attention, might serve out incomplete sandwiches, leading to confusion in the kitchen when the cook finishes the meat.

Another commenter shared a personal experience of ordering a Filet-O-Fish only to receive a hash brown instead of the fish patty, indicating that these mix-ups are not entirely uncommon. Some users suggested sending the image to Wendy’s to resurrect the “Where’s the beef!” commercials, adding a nostalgic touch to the discussion.

The incident even sparked philosophical reflections. One user shared a story from their first day working in fast food in the 90s, where they made a similar mistake and emphasized the importance of patience and learning from errors.

For those who have experienced similar fast food mishaps, the consensus in the comments was clear: contacting the store often results in an eager attempt to rectify the mistake.

In this case, the image serves as a humorous reminder of the occasional blunders that can occur in fast food service and the shared human experience of dealing with them. Whether it’s a missing meat patty or a misplaced hash brown, these moments offer a chance for laughter and a story to tell.

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The hamburglar strikes again


I don't work at McDonald's, but I do work in a fast casual place. We do s*** like this all the time in the rush. 1. They need more meat for burgers. 2. Cook says "2 minutes" 3. Employee A preps the sandwiches 4. Employee B, not paying attention, grabs them and serves them out 5. Cook finishes the meat and says "where the f*** are those sandwiches that are waiting on meat?" 6. All FOH workers: 🤷


No beef left pickle


Send this to Wendy's!    Resurrect the "Where's the beef! Commercials!


Where’s the beef?


I once ordered a fillet o fish and got a hashbrown instead of a fish patty. It wasn’t even breakfast time.


I would give the store a call. I find that fast food places are usually eager to make things right when they make mistakes like this.


The McF***U


I made this mistake on my first day in the 90's. I was so concerned about wrapping them nicely and not pressing my thumb into the sandwich I sent a bunch out without meat. May I offer you a sincere temporal apology. If you call mcdonalds they'll credit you. One day, 30 years from now, maybe the kid that sent yours out today will be apologizing for this very same mistake. He's learned from it the importance of not focusing too h****** a single task to the exclusion of all others and to have patience for others when they make mistakes that are seemingly ridiculous.


That's for not celebrating Grimace's birthday this year.

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