Mother Nature Unleashes Fury on Watertown, Wisconsin

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Mother Nature has certainly shown her displeasure over Watertown, Wisconsin, and nearby areas. A recent weather radar map centered on Milwaukee, WI, reveals significant rain activity over Watertown, Beaver Dam, and Menomonee Falls. This image, originally shared on Reddit, showcases a vibrant mix of green and yellow patches indicating various intensities of rain hitting the region.

The radar map, sourced from a weather website or application, provides a detailed snapshot of the current weather conditions. At the top, "Milwaukee, WI" is prominently displayed, with the "10 Day" forecast tab selected. Below, the weather map features a legend explaining the colors: green for rain and red and yellow for different intensities of rain. While the legend also includes a section for "Frz Rain" in purple, this condition does not appear on the map at this time.

The map highlights several cities and towns, including Watertown, Beaver Dam, West Bend, and Menomonee Falls, all under significant rain. The detailed radar image even shows highways and smaller towns, offering a comprehensive view of the weather affecting the area.

Reddit users had mixed reactions to this weather snapshot. One comment humorously noted, "Nobody likes Watertown Wisconsin. The f***ing water there isn’t even that good." Another user, recalling personal experience, remarked, "Having been there myself, understandable."

Some users brought a touch of regional humor to the conversation, with one stating, "Ope yous guys!" and another commenting, "As long as it doesn’t get to portage." Even the Green Bay Packers fans were not left out of the discussion, with a user rhetorically asking, "Have you ever met a Green Bay Packers fan?"

The image also sparked a mention of the subreddit r/EF5, known for discussions about extreme weather, with one user joking, "r/EF5 is leaking lol." Another bluntly expressed their disdain, saying, "f*** this town in particular."

Clearly, the weather radar image has not only highlighted the intense rain over Watertown and its surroundings but also spurred a variety of reactions from the online community. Whether it's the humor or the shared frustration, one thing is certain: Mother Nature doesn't seem to favor Watertown, Wisconsin, right now.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Nobody likes Watertown Wisconsin. The f***ing water there isn’t even that good.


Well it’s not the shocker below the beaver dam.


Having been there myself, understandable.


Ope yous guys!


As long as it doesn’t get to portage.


Have you ever met a Green Bay Packers fan?


f*** this town in particular


r/EF5 is leaking lol

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