Entertaining Little Tikes Play Slide Packaging Spotted at Walmart: Steve Buscemi’s Baby Picture Look-Alike?

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The latest amusing find at Walmart has social media buzzing! A product packaging for a Little Tikes play slide has garnered attention and laughs, with many comparing the image to Steve Buscemi’s baby picture. The box features two main pictures that are sure to catch anyone's eye.

On the left side, there's an indoor scene where a child is captured sliding down a bright red and blue plastic slide. What makes this image so entertaining is the child's highly exaggerated, cartoonish face. With overly large eyes and a mouth wide open in apparent excitement, the child seems to be shouting "Wheeeeee!" as depicted by the text above him. The exaggerated expression has led some to say, "if I was a kid I think I'd cry," while others find it hilariously reminiscent of r/eyebombing.

On the right side of the packaging, there's a more serene outdoor scene. A woman and child are enjoying the same red and blue slide on a green lawn. The child is at the top of the slide, ready to go down, while the woman sits nearby, smiling warmly at the little one. This dual imagery highlights the versatility of the Little Tikes slide, suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun.

The colorful border along the bottom of the packaging adds to the playful appeal, featuring red, blue, yellow, and white squares. The recognizable Little Tikes logo is prominently displayed on the left side in its classic red and blue text. Additional text on the package includes "Slide into Fun!" at the top right and "Indoor & Outdoor — Intérieur & Extérieur" encircling a red seal, emphasizing its adaptability for various play environments.

One Reddit user humorously commented, "I want to go around putting those stickers that say 'voice activated' on a bunch of stuff just to watch people try to talk to them." This playful suggestion adds to the spirit of fun that the Little Tikes play slide packaging seems to inspire.

Whether you're shopping for a new toy or simply in need of a good laugh, this Little Tikes play slide packaging spotted at Walmart is a delightful find. The exaggerated expression on the child's face has undoubtedly made it a memorable and entertaining product to come across.

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Steve Buscemi’s baby picture 


if i was a kid I think id cry


I want to go around putting those stickers that say "voice activated" on a bunch of stuff just to watch people try to talk to them.



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