Zoogoers Shocked to Discover 'Panda' Exhibit Was Actually Canines in Disguise

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Friday, May 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a bizarre turn of events, visitors to a local zoo were left dumbfounded after realizing that what they believed to be a captivating exhibit of pandas turned out to be nothing more than dogs cleverly disguised as the beloved black and white bears. The shocking revelation, which quickly went viral on social media, has left people questioning the authenticity of zoo exhibits and sparked a heated debate on animal ethics.

The image that sparked this controversy shows two creatures that initially appear to be pandas, their inquisitive gazes and partially opened mouths adding to the illusion. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that these adorable creatures are, in fact, dogs meticulously dyed with black and white markings to mimic the appearance of pandas.

Captivated by the uncanny resemblance, visitors flocked to the exhibit, expecting to witness the charm and grace of these iconic creatures. Little did they know that they were about to be bamboozled by an audacious act of deception. The dogs, posing as pandas, stood on a concrete surface, seemingly unaware of the chaos they were about to unleash.

But it was the close-up photograph on the right side of the image that truly captured the bewilderment and confusion of the unsuspecting visitors. The creature, with striking black and white markings mirroring those of a panda, stared directly at the camera, its expression adding to the authenticity of the disguise. The tuft of white fur around its face only intensified the uncanny resemblance, leaving zoogoers astounded.

Social media erupted with a mix of outrage, amusement, and disbelief as news of the canine imposters spread like wildfire. One user humorously suggested opening a zoo where all the animals are disguised as other animals, an idea that tickled the imagination of many. Others couldn't help but draw parallels to their own experiences, sharing stories of misled expectations and the hilarity that ensued.

The incident also shed light on the misconceptions surrounding pandas in zoos. As one Reddit user shared, there is a common assumption that pandas are a staple in every zoo, leading to disappointment when they are not present. In reality, pandas are a rare and endangered species, with only four residing in the entire United States. This revelation left many zoogoers momentarily bamboozled before they burst into laughter at their own naivety.

While some expressed concern over the ethics of dyeing dogs to resemble pandas, others couldn't help but appreciate the creativity behind the spectacle. Comparisons to popular online shopping app Wish, notorious for its dubious products, were made, suggesting that these faux pandas were nothing more than a whimsical purchase gone awry.

As the image continues to circulate, drawing mixed reactions from viewers around the world, one thing is clear - the power of disguise can be both captivating and deceiving. Whether it's the barking that gave away the imposters or the sheer delight of seeing dogs donning panda costumes, this peculiar incident has left a lasting impression on zoogoers and social media enthusiasts alike.

So, the next time you visit a zoo, remember to keep your eyes peeled for any suspiciously adorable creatures. After all, as this incident has shown, not everything is as it seems in the animal kingdom.

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I would totally go to a zoo where all the animals are disguised as other animals.


I used to work at a zoo, and I learned that many people assume that basically all zoos have pandas, and would be shocked or upset that our zoo didn't. People would ask 'where are the pandas' and be really shocked to hear that there are only 4 pandas in the whole USA.


"Zoogoers delighted to discover panda exhibit was actually super cute doggos doing cosplay"


They were upset because they’d been… bamboozled


What gave them away? 🤣


I’ve not spit out or choked on anything ever because it was so funny. I must be dead inside.


China ???


I don’t care I still love it


That sounds like a Shih Tzu.


When you order Pandas from Wish...

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