Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Launches Independent Presidential Bid

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 11:05 AM CDT

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Launches Independent Presidential Bid

In a bold move that could reshape the 2023 U.S. presidential race, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has launched an independent campaign with Silicon Valley lawyer Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. Kennedy's campaign, now "fully funded" at $15 million—thanks to an $8 million donation from Shanahan—aims to disrupt the political landscape and position Kennedy alongside major party candidates on the CNN debate stage set for June 27 in Atlanta.

Despite a 50 percent spending increase in April, totaling $6.5 million—with over a third directed to Texas-based Accelevate 2020 LLC for ballot access and campaign services—Kennedy's finance report reveals a dip in small-dollar donations. Nevertheless, large contributions from individuals like Shanahan may offset this decline in grassroots support, even as the Democratic National Committee pledges scrutiny of Kennedy’s ballot submissions.

Kennedy has accused President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump, and CNN of collusion regarding the debate agreement, while his campaign accelerates efforts to meet CNN's stringent debate criteria. These include being on the ballot in states totaling at least 270 Electoral College votes and achieving at least 15% support in four qualifying national polls—a benchmark Kennedy has reached in two.

Currently, Kennedy is officially on the ballot in states including Illinois, Oklahoma, California, Delaware, Michigan, and Utah, totaling 105 electoral votes, pending formal affirmation. He faces signature submission challenges in key states like Arizona, Nevada, and Texas, accounting for 112 electoral votes, with the DNC watching closely.

Kennedy's campaign director, Amaryllis Fox Kennedy, manages the varied state laws and deadlines that govern ballot access for independent candidates. Kennedy has secured positions in eight states, totaling 89 electoral votes, but must navigate the complexities of state requirements that differ significantly.

The campaign, which has employed tactics such as aligning with minor parties and creating its own political party, is now in a race against time. With Shanahan capable of contributing unlimited funds to the campaign, Kennedy's team is pushing to meet the ballot access budget and improve national poll standings within a month to ensure a place on the debate stage.

Kennedy's campaign has also spent significantly on security services from Gavin de Becker's firm and on online advertising to boost his visibility. If he succeeds, Kennedy could become the most successful third-party candidate since Ross Perot in the 1990s. Co-chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates, Frank Fahrenkopf, hinted that Kennedy might have legal grounds to challenge CNN over its debate criteria.

With a scheduled call with CNN following the debate agreement announcement and a determined strategy to hold Biden and Trump accountable during the debates, Kennedy's independent candidacy brings a fresh dynamic to the presidential race. As the campaign continues to gather and submit signatures, Kennedy's presence on the ballot in additional states and his polling performance in the coming weeks will be crucial in his quest to share the debate stage with the major party nominees.

Conservative Bias:

Here we go again, folks, another elitist, silver-spoon liberal trying to play spoiler in an election that's crucial for the future of our nation. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., with his deep pockets and Silicon Valley lawyer sidekick, Nicole Shanahan, thinks he can just waltz onto the presidential stage without any real support from the American people. It's a classic case of a liberal ego run amok, believing that money alone can buy a spot in the political arena. And, of course, they're crying foul, accusing everyone from President Biden to Trump, even CNN, of collusion. It's the same old tired liberal tactic: if you can't win fair and square, throw a tantrum and claim conspiracy. Kennedy's lack of grassroots support is glaringly obvious, but that won't stop the liberal media from giving him airtime to spout his highfalutin nonsense. Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee is right to scrutinize this vanity project masquerading as a campaign. It's just another desperate attempt by the left to divide conservative votes and cling to power by any means necessary.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the right-wing oligarchs and their cronies are shaking in their boots as a true champion of the people, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., steps into the ring with the brilliant Nicole Shanahan to shake up the status quo. Kennedy's campaign, despite being systematically underfunded by the establishment, has bravely called out the blatant collusion between Biden, Trump, and the corporate media gatekeepers at CNN. It's a rigged system, designed to keep progressive voices like Kennedy's out of the spotlight and maintain the conservative chokehold on our democracy. The fact that Kennedy's campaign is witnessing a dip in small-dollar donations is a direct result of the conservative fear-mongering machine working overtime to discredit him. And let's talk about the DNC's so-called "scrutiny" of Kennedy's ballot submissions—it's nothing short of voter suppression, aimed at protecting the two-party duopoly that serves the wealthy elite. Kennedy's fight to secure ballot access in the face of deliberately complex state laws is a testament to his dedication to breaking the conservative stranglehold on our electoral process. The right-wing should be terrified, because Kennedy's campaign is bringing the fight for justice to their doorstep, and the American people are waking up to the conservative nightmare that's been holding us back for far too long.|

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