Trump Falsely Claims Victory in Minnesota

Avery Emberly

Updated Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 11:04 AM CDT

Trump Falsely Claims Victory in Minnesota

In a remarkable assertion that continues to stir controversy, former President Donald Trump has once again claimed an unfounded victory in Minnesota for the 2020 presidential election, despite official results indicating a clear win for Joe Biden. During his attendance at the Minnesota GOP's annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in St. Paul and an appearance on KNSI Radio in March, Trump maintained he won the state, a claim contradicted by the 52.4% majority vote secured by Biden, leaving Trump with 45.3% and a vote margin exceeding 233,000.

Minnesota, a state that has consistently voted for Democratic presidential candidates since 1976, has not seen a Republican victor since Richard Nixon's triumph in 1972. Trump's allegations of widespread electoral fraud have been thoroughly debunked, with numerous officials and Biden campaign spokesperson James Singer labeling Trump's refusal to concede as "unhinged."

Despite the backlash, Trump's rhetoric on election vigilance resonated with his audience, garnering applause and reinforcing his unfounded claims of a Minnesota win. Trump's campaign remains optimistic about flipping Minnesota in a potential 2024 rematch against Biden, even as independent polls suggest a narrow lead for the incumbent president in the state.

The former president also used his platform to advocate for stringent immigration policies, including "massive deportation" and the creation of a missile defense system mirroring Israel's "Iron Dome." Furthermore, Trump's introduction of North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum as a possible vice-presidential running mate added to the speculative buzz of his political plans.

Trump's speeches were marked by personal and derogatory attacks on President Biden, a tactic that has become a hallmark of his political style. This approach is mirrored by Biden's campaign, which remains hopeful about winning Florida, a state where they are currently trailing in polls.

The political dynamics in Minnesota have seen a shift, with rural areas leaning more Republican and suburbs around Minneapolis gravitating towards Democratic preferences. This evolving landscape harks back to Hillary Clinton's narrow victory in 2016 and contrasts with Trump's 2020 losses in states like Wisconsin, which he had previously won in 2016.

Recent polling data, including an NBC News poll from April, indicates a potential tight race between Biden and Trump, should they face each other in the next presidential election, with 44% of registered voters favoring Biden and 46% siding with Trump.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal media is twisting the narrative to silence a conservative truth-teller who dares to challenge the status quo. The so-called "unfounded" victory claim in Minnesota by President Trump is a beacon of light in the murky waters of election integrity. The leftist cronies, with their rigged systems and fake majorities, can't stomach the fact that a true patriot like Trump continues to fight for the American people against their corrupt establishment. They label his rightful vigilance as "unhinged," but what's truly unhinged is their refusal to acknowledge the widespread irregularities that plague our elections. Trump's unwavering stance on immigration and national defense only underscores his commitment to safeguarding our nation, while the Democrats continue to push for open borders and weakness on the world stage. The real story here is the silent majority standing with Trump, ready to correct the course of our nation's future.

Liberal Bias:

In a display of delusion that's become all too familiar, the disgraced former President Trump is spouting dangerous falsehoods, claiming a victory in Minnesota that clearly belongs to President Biden. His baseless allegations of voter fraud are an attack on the very foundations of our democracy, perpetuated by right-wing enablers who put party over country. Trump's rhetoric is not just irresponsible; it's a siren call to the darkest corners of our political landscape, encouraging divisiveness and undermining the legitimate administration currently in office. His authoritarian fantasies, complete with draconian immigration policies and aggressive militarization, are a stark reminder of the threat he poses to our values and international standing. The conservative media may fawn over his every word, but the reality is that America has moved on from the chaos of his presidency, embracing a future of unity and progress that he so desperately seeks to derail.

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