Humorous Toddler Teaches Dad a Lesson: Say Dada and Mama, but Keep Your Hands Up!

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Updated Friday, May 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a emotional and comical video, a dad attempts to teach his adorable toddler to say "dada" and "mama," only to find himself learning a valuable lesson instead. The video, which has been making waves on social media, captures the precious moments of a parent-child interaction that is both entertaining and relatable.

The transcript of the video reveals the dad's repeated attempts to get his little one to say "dada" and "mama." "Say dada. Dada. Dada. Dada, yes," he gently coaxes his child. The toddler's responses elicit laughter and joy, as he tries to mimic his dad's words. It's a emotional sight that any parent can appreciate.

However, it's the comments section that truly highlights the universal experiences of parenthood. One user shares a humorous anecdote about breaking their nose due to a toddler's unexpected head movements, leading their mind to immediately jump to domestic violence. Another user confesses to being rocked by a headbutt from their own child, marveling at the resilience of toddlers.

The comments are filled with stories that resonate with parents everywhere. From playful moments under the covers to accidental headbutts resulting in black eyes, these experiences serve as a reminder that parenting is full of surprises and unexpected challenges. One user even humorously references Homer Simpson, using the excuse of a baby beating them up.

The video and comments also shed light on the need for vigilance when interacting with toddlers. Parents share their strategies for keeping their faces at a safe distance and being prepared for unexpected punches or screams. It becomes clear that parenthood requires a certain level of self-defense skills and the ability to keep one's head on a swivel.

But amidst the laughter and cautionary tales, there is an overwhelming sense of joy and love. Users express their delight in hearing their child say "dada" and "mama," emphasizing the joy that these simple words bring to a parent's heart. The shared experiences create a sense of community among parents, where the challenges are acknowledged, but the rewards far outweigh them.

In the end, this video serves as a reminder that parenting is a journey filled with laughter, surprises, and valuable lessons. It's a journey that, despite its challenges, is treasured and wouldn't be traded for anything. So, parents, keep having fun, embrace the lessons, and always remember to "keep your hands up" when interacting with your little ones.

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Top Comments from Reddit


I broke my nose a couple years ago and was chatting with my Dr. after he set it back in place. He mentioned that most of his patients with broken noses are women. My mind immediately went to domestic violence. He explained it was because of toddlers and how they swing their heads around like wrecking balls.


Cutie pie! Good job and don’t worry about self-defense ❤️


I got absolutely rocked by a headbutt from my toddler the other day. Didn’t even phase him. I have no idea how that works lol


Why son once threw his head back so hard, he smacked me right in my orbital socket and I got a black swollen eye. I went to work and finally had an excuse to use the famous Homer Simpson line "I told you, my baby beat me up."


Gotta keep your head on a swivel with toddlers. My boy accidentally headed butted me more than some MMA fighters get in a career.


God I loved those times with my son. Little kid laughter is the best sound in the world. When he was little, if my wife or I were making our bed he would jump in it and hide under the sheets/blankets. Then he would squeal with delight as we tried to smoosh out the lump under the covers as he crawled around undef them. Lol


Herb Dean has called a stop to this contest due to an illegal head b***


Yes, kids like to flail around like that when they're playing. You eventually learn to keep your face at a safe distance.


Each one of my kids have gotten one good shot in on me but the most devastating one was a sudden scream from my oldest daughter directly into my right ear when she was a toddler. Couldn't hear out of that ear for a week and had vertigo the entire time.


Im always on guard when im at home with my 5 yo brother. Sometimes he tries to punch me running so i gotta block or dodge

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