Fascinating Encounter with a Majestic Cassowary Leaves Onlookers in Awe

Mason Riverwind

Updated Thursday, May 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video, a calm and collected individual found themselves face to face with a magnificent cassowary in the Australian wilderness. The captivating footage showcases the remarkable behavior of this intriguing bird, as well as the reactions of those fortunate enough to witness the encounter.

The video begins with the enigmatic cassowary approaching the individual, seemingly intrigued by the prospect of a meal. However, it becomes apparent that this particular human is not going to share their food. As the cassowary realizes its efforts are in vain, it decides to gracefully depart, leaving onlookers amazed by its intelligence and adaptability.

Throughout the video, a series of amusing and astonished comments from viewers add an extra layer of entertainment. One user humorously refers to the cassowary as a "f***ing dinosaur," highlighting the awe-inspiring nature of this ancient bird. Another user raises concerns about the potential danger posed by the cassowary, while remarking on the individual's seemingly calm demeanor.

The comments continue to add humor and insight, with one user playfully imagining a conversation between the human and the cassowary, expressing the bird's desire for a bite of their sandwich or even just some bread. Others jokingly refer to the cassowary as an "Apex freeloader" or a "delicacy protector," emphasizing its unique role in the ecosystem.

As the video gains traction, viewers also express their amazement at the cassowary's physical attributes. Some comment on the bird's powerful neck and unique "neck nuts," which contribute to its formidable presence. Despite its potential dangers, the cassowary's calm demeanor surprises many, leading to comparisons with the iconic line from the movie Jurassic Park: "Clever girl."

The video also sparks discussions about the cassowary's reputation as one of the world's most dangerous animals. While some share anecdotes of its incredible strength, such as kicking through metal shields, others express their fear and admit they would not be comfortable in such close proximity to this formidable creature.

For Australians, the encounter evokes a mix of fascination and trepidation. One Australian viewer humorously lists the various creatures they find more terrifying than the cassowary, adding a touch of local flavor to the discussion.

In summary, this captivating video showcases a rare and mesmerizing encounter between a human and a majestic cassowary. The comments from viewers highlight both the astonishing nature of the bird and the diverse range of emotions it elicits. Whether you find yourself in awe of the cassowary's presence or prefer to admire it from a safe distance, this video offers a glimpse into the unique wildlife of Australia.

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Top Comments from Reddit


F***ing dinosaurs


She seems pretty calm for the one having squishy tasty eyeballs *riiight* on the level of the beak of that **dinosaur**.


Aren't those things dangerous?


"What's going on guys? You having a picnic? I f***in' love picnics ay. Can I've a bite of your sanga? C'mon love, don't be a tight arse! Fine forget the sanga, just gimme some bread and I'll f*** off. Look how much you got ya greedy mug. F***in' touros these days I tell ya."


They’d be terrifying if they didn’t have those neck nuts


Isn't that literally one of the most dangerous animals in the world. I watched a video once where one kicked through a metal shield. Granted, it was thin, but damn.


Protecting the delicacy that is the salt and vinegar chip s****


Best not to mess with a Cassowary. They could disemb**** you.


Is that a crisp sandwich? No wonder she is desperately protecting it.


Look at that Apex freeloader. 🤣

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