Playful Encounter: Emu Steals Breakfast in Australia, Leaving Everyone in Stitches

Avery Emberly

Updated Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Breakfast time took an unexpected turn in Australia recently when an audacious emu decided to help itself to someone's meal. The incident, captured in a viral video, has left netizens in splits and sparked a wave of amusing comments.

The video opens with the emu eyeing a delicious breakfast spread. With a mischievous glint in its eye, the bird boldly approaches the table, ready to indulge in some stolen goodies. The caption, "He's going to eat your breakfast," perfectly captures the playful essence of the scene.

As the emu reaches for the food, comments from amused viewers flood the video. One user wrote, "Start another war if you want! See what happens!" highlighting the emu's audacity. Others chimed in, comparing the situation to a party in the front and a big-a** bird stealing food from the back.

The emu's appearance also caught attention, with one commenter humorously declaring, "That's not a mullet, THIS is a mullet!" referencing the bird's distinctive hairstyle. Another user playfully referred to the popular sitcom character, exclaiming, "Sweet Dee down under!"

Sharing their own experiences, a viewer revealed, "Nice! I've been at the same location 3 weeks ago, and the same thing happened to me." They described the emus as "cocky and persistent" and shared how they had to chase them away during lunch. The person even admitted feeling a bit paranoid, suspecting the emus were seeking revenge.

The video also evoked a Jurassic Park vibe, as one comment humorously noted, "First instinct is to save your food, then the brain reminds you you’re about to battle a dinosaur." Another viewer pointed out the connection between the emu's hairstyle and its Australian origin, stating, "That is an Aussie haircut lmao."

Despite losing their meal, the person in the video found humor in the situation, and viewers praised their lighthearted reaction. "Good for the kid for finding the humor and enjoying the moment," one comment read. However, some sympathized with the loss, admitting they would have been frustrated if their burger had been stolen.

The video's soundtrack also stood out to some, with a viewer humorously mentioning, "All I heard was 'You Could Be Mine' by Guns n Roses playing—for some reason." The comment added an extra layer of amusement to the already entertaining scene.

As the video continued to unfold, viewers couldn't help but speculate about the emu's motives. One person jokingly remarked, "First thought: dummy shouldn't have let go of the sammy. Second thought: good idea to let go of that sammy." The comment highlighted the emu's cunning tactics.

The emu's behavior also became a symbol of Australian culture, as another viewer quipped, "You can tell it's Australia because dude has a mullet." This observation sparked a conversation about the enduring popularity of mullets in Australia.

Intriguingly, some viewers playfully suggested that the emu was making a statement. "Just reminding them who won the war," one comment read, showcasing the playful rivalry between humans and these charismatic birds. Another viewer humorously added, "I see mullets are still in fashion in Aus," pointing out the emu's trendy hairstyle.

The video even elicited imaginative interpretations, as one comment described a momentary illusion. "Thought for a moment that the 2 trees in the background were the legs of another giant bird," the viewer shared. The leaf color and positioning created a whimsical optical illusion.

As the video concluded, a final comment shed light on the emu's behavior. "The male emus are very docile, and the female emus are more anxious and aggressive," the viewer explained. Based on their observation, they guessed that the emu in the video was likely a female.

Viewers couldn't resist adding a touch of Australian humor to the mix. "That's not a brikfist. Needs a dadely snek and a vinimus spiduh havin a walk around too," one comment humorously suggested, referring to the country's unique wildlife.

In a lighthearted closing remark, a viewer expressed relief that the emu wasn't a Cassowary, a bird known for its formidable reputation. "At least it wasn't a Cassowary. Video would have been deep net only," the comment playfully concluded.

The video of the emu stealing breakfast in Australia has undoubtedly entertained and amused viewers worldwide. It serves as a reminder to always keep a watchful eye on our meals, especially when sharing the space with adventurous wildlife.

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"Start another war if you want! See what happens!"


That's not a mullet, THIS is a mullet!


Party in the front, big-a** bird stealing your food from the back.


Sweet Dee down under!


That is an Aussie haircut lmao


Nice! I've been at the same location 3 weeks ago and the same thing happened to me. The Emus at that place are really cocky and persistent. I chased them away for a couple of times during lunch, and afterward I got a bit paranoid since a flock of them occasionally walked around my camper van planing god knows what, probably seeking revenge. But it's fascinating to observe them, very interesting animals.


First instinct is to save your food, then the brain reminds you you’re about to battle a dinosaur


Good for the kid for finding the humor and enjoying the moment. I would have been salty as s*** that my burger was gone


All I heard was You Could Be Mine by Guns n Roses playing- for some reason


First thought: dummy shouldn't have let go of the sammy. Second thought: good idea to let go of that sammy.

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