HateMatch: The Controversial Dating App That Matches Couples Based on Shared Hatreds

Zoey Waverider

Updated Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of online dating, there's a new app that's causing quite a stir. Introducing HateMatch, a dating platform that takes a unique approach to matchmaking by pairing couples based on their shared dislikes. Yes, you read that right. HateMatch believes that nothing brings people together quite like a mutual hatred for something or someone.

The concept behind HateMatch is simple yet controversial. Instead of swiping right based on someone's looks or interests, users are encouraged to express their dislikes and pet peeves. From there, the app's algorithm works its magic, matching individuals with potential partners who share the same animosity towards certain things.

According to the app's creators, this approach is more realistic and effective in building lasting relationships. They argue that while having common interests is important, having shared dislikes can create a stronger bond between couples. After all, as the saying goes, "Nothing brings people together better than hating the same things."

The idea of HateMatch has sparked a wave of mixed reactions. Some users find it amusing and believe that it could actually work, citing their own experiences of bonding over mutual dislikes in previous relationships. One user commented, "Nothing says love like hatred for others lol."

However, there are also skeptics who question the app's potential for success. They argue that while shared dislikes may bring people together initially, it might not be a solid foundation for a long-lasting and healthy relationship. One user expressed their doubts, saying, "I suspect this (hypothetical) app would result in actually 0 happy, lasting relationships."

Despite the debate surrounding HateMatch, it has undeniably caught the attention of many. Some social media users have even jokingly proposed their own versions of the app, such as the "Republican dating app" or finding love with an "anti-woke tinder-match."

The image associated with HateMatch perfectly captures the essence of the app. It features a stylized representation of a heart, but with a dark and malevolent twist. The heart, colored in shades of red with crumpled paper-like texture, gives off an eerie and worn-out vibe.

What stands out the most are the heart's human-like features. Furrowed eyebrows and narrowed, glowing yellow eyes with slit-like pupils give the heart a menacing and scowling expression. The word "HATEMATCH" written in bold capital letters with a metallic look adds to the aggressive tone set by the heart image.

HateMatch has certainly sparked a conversation about the role of shared dislikes in relationships. While the app's approach may not be for everyone, it serves as a reminder that love can be found in unexpected places. Whether it's bonding over a mutual hatred for a certain celebrity, political ideology, or even a food preference, HateMatch aims to bring like-minded individuals together in a world full of differences.

So, if you're tired of the traditional dating scene and want to explore a new way of connecting with potential partners, HateMatch might just be the app for you. Who knows, you might find love in the most unexpected places, united by your shared hatreds. As they say, "Hate together, stay together."

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This is dumb but it probably works really really well. Ngl a lot of my relationships have involved s***ting on things we don’t like - together!


Nothing says love like hatred for others lol


Just some (hopefully constructive) critique if you are the creator this video, the sound is a little bit off for the woman (Isabel Lopez) , it sounds a little tinny to me. Maybe it's what it was recorded on, I think you can edit that tinny/echoey sound out quite easily and it would make the video more enjoyable to watch.


Once upon a time, you could take a date to see a movie on opening night, and before you could say how terrible you thought the movie was, your date would say, "That was soooo good!" and you knew right away to end things right then and there.


"Good... let the hate flow through you."


So, as a dude if I hated men how would that work?


I don't see how this is any different from sharing likes of something. If we assume liking the same things leads to a good match, we should assume disliking the same things does too. I think the jury is still a little out on it though - whether we should find a person 'just like us' or a person 'that inversely complements us"


Why you gonna throw shade at The Onion?


Seems like a good plan to me. Hate kids? Libertarians? Libertarian kids? DO IT TOGETHER!


So, is there anything you like? *Gets Banned*

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