Unveiling the Secret: The Controversial Tray Table Coke Mirror on Air Columbia Flight

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever heard of a tray table that doubles as a makeup mirror? Well, brace yourself for a shocking revelation that has taken the internet by storm. A recent video posted on Reddit has sparked a frenzy of comments and reactions, shedding light on an unexpected feature found on Air Columbia flights.

The video showcases a tray table that unfolds to reveal a hidden secret - a mirror reminiscent of a sun visor mirror in a car. Users were quick to make humorous remarks, with one commenting, "Huh, why do I look coked up?" This unexpected discovery has led some to compare it to the infamous scene from the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street", where Leonardo DiCaprio's character indulges in the world of excess.

While some found this feature amusing, others expressed concerns about their appearance. "This is not a good look for my double chin…" one user lamented. Another nostalgic commenter remarked, "Damn… that takes me back… to last weekend!" It seems like the mirror has become a source of entertainment and reflection for passengers.

The video has also sparked speculation about the destination of the flight, with comments like "Direct flight to Ibiza" and "Currently on Air Columbia" adding to the buzz. Some users even playfully suggested alternative names for the airline, such as "Columbian Airlines" and "Putting the 'jet' in jet set!"

Interestingly, a few users identified the mirror as a vanity mirror, with one noting, "I believe this is a design used in Singapore." This observation led to further banter and light-hearted commentary, including a reference to the iconic phrase "Viva Las Vegas! Yeah, baby."

However, not all comments were in jest. One user humorously stated, "I've heard of first class.. this must be in the no class section of the plane. haha" While the comment may be tongue-in-cheek, it highlights the varying opinions and reactions to this unconventional feature.

As expected, curiosity piqued among viewers, with one user asking, "What airline? Asking for a friend…" The mystery surrounding the airline's identity only adds to the intrigue surrounding this peculiar tray table mirror.

Amidst the humor and speculation, there were also practical suggestions, such as using the mirror for plucking nose hair and even playing bumper cars. It seems that this unexpected find has sparked a sense of nostalgia for the "friendly" skies of the past.

The video showcasing the tray table coke mirror on an Air Columbia flight has created quite a buzz on social media. With users offering their witty remarks and humorous insights, this unexpected feature has become a topic of conversation. Whether it's for makeup touch-ups or a trip down memory lane, this unique tray table mirror has certainly captured the attention of internet users worldwide.

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Top Comments from Reddit


it's really just like the sun visor mirror in a car, since this tray table unfolds, you can use it as a makeup mirror.


This is not a good look for my double chin…


"Huh, why do I look coked up?"


Perfect for that Wolf of Wall Street flight.


Damn…that takes me back…to last weekend!


Direct flight to Ibiza


OP - Curious to hear if this tray angles in such a way where you can actually see yourself in the mirror.


Currently on Air Columbia.


Putting the "jet" in jet set!


Columbian Airlines

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