Lighthearted Video Exposes the Dangers of Ignoring Motorcycle Safety: Lift Yo Leg Man!

Avery Emberly

Updated Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recently viral video titled "Lift yo leg man!", an unsuspecting motorcyclist becomes the center of attention as he hilariously demonstrates the importance of motorcycle safety. The video, captured by a bystander and shared on social media, quickly gained traction and left viewers in stitches.

The video starts innocently enough, with the motorcyclist complying without hesitation to an unseen command. As instructed, he lifts his legs without questioning why. The scene unfolds like a comedy skit as the motorcyclist obediently lifts his legs, reminiscent of a dog performing tricks. The comments section was flooded with amusement, with one user suggesting that the cameraman should have asked the motorcyclist to rub his tummy and head at the same time.

However, amidst the laughter, concerns about motorcycle safety were raised. One comment pointed out the potential danger, stating that the leg down should have automatically shut down the bike. Another user shared their experience with roadworthy motorcycles that automatically shut off the engine if the sidestand is down while in gear. This led to speculation that either the motorcyclist's bike was broken or he had removed this crucial safety feature.

The video took an unexpected turn when the motorcyclist inadvertently collided with a car. Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported, but it served as a stark reminder of the consequences of ignoring safety protocols. The incident could have ended in disaster, proving the importance of vigilance while operating a motorcycle.

While the video provided plenty of laughter, it also sparked a discussion about motorcycle safety practices. Some viewers expressed surprise that the motorcyclist's bike was still able to start with the kickstand down. Others shared their own encounters with similar situations, admitting that they had often encountered bicyclists who pedaled away obliviously with their kicksands still down.

The video even drew attention from those with knowledge of motorcycle terminology. Several comments hilariously referred to the sidestand as the "3rd leg" or the "pedal thingy," prompting one user to clarify that it is, in fact, called a side stand.

The humor and unexpected events captured in the "Lift yo leg man!" video left viewers thoroughly entertained. However, it also served as a reminder that motorcycle safety should never be taken lightly. Whether it's ensuring all safety features are intact or simply being aware of surroundings, this video serves as a cautionary tale for motorcyclists and drivers alike.

The "Lift yo leg man!" video provides a humorous yet important lesson about motorcycle safety. It's crucial to prioritize safety measures and always remain alert while operating any vehicle. Let this viral video be a reminder to all of us to lift our awareness when it comes to road safety.

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Top Comments from Reddit


The dude sure was complying ... lifting his legs without questioning why. Cam guy should have asked him to rub his tummy and head at the same time.




Amazed that thing drives like that.. my motorcycle shuts off immediately if i put it into gear while the pedal thingy is still out.


The leg down should have caused an automatic shutdown of the bike.


Then he hits car


Weird. Every roadworthy motorbike I've operated automatically shuts down the engine if you put the sidestand down whilst in gear. I'm guessing either his bike is broken or he removed this part!


this might have end in a disaster


"Leg" "pedal thingy" "3rd leg" My guys, it's a **side stand**.


Thank you Jesus


He just was in funny mood hahahaa

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