Silly Volume Control Pacifier: The Ultimate Solution for Crying Babies

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Are you a parent who has ever wished for a magical button to instantly lower the volume of your crying baby? Well, your wish might have just come true! Introducing the silly and imaginative Volume Control Pacifier, a revolutionary pacifier that resembles a volume control knob.

Crafted from clear plastic, this pacifier maintains the familiar shape of a baby pacifier. However, instead of a traditional n***** or t***, the center holds a round, black knob with numbers and ridges around its circumference, reminiscent of the controls found on stereos or amplifiers. It's like having a portable sound system for your little one's cries!

The knob is marked with white numbers ranging from 0 to 11, perfectly spaced around its edge. Each number is accompanied by small ridges, indicating incremental volume levels. To top it off, the word "VOLUME" is boldly printed in capital white letters on the knob. The pacifier is designed in such a way that "VOLUME" is right side up, ensuring easy readability.

The image of this amusing pacifier showcases a brilliant visual pun. It plays on the common desire to have the ability to turn down the volume on a noisy infant, just as effortlessly as adjusting the volume on your favorite music. The clever juxtaposition of sound control and infant care creates a lighthearted and humorous concept that parents can relate to.

While we all know that babies will be babies, this Volume Control Pacifier adds a touch of fun to the daily challenges of parenting. Imagine the smiles and laughs that would ensue when your little one is sporting this quirky pacifier during family outings or social gatherings. It's sure to be a conversation starter!

The background of the image features a nondescript, textured surface with muted colors, ensuring that all attention remains focused on the main subject—the Volume Control Pacifier itself. Its simplicity allows the pacifier to take center stage, capturing the imagination of parents and caregivers alike.

So, if you've ever wished for a way to turn down the volume on your crying baby, this silly Volume Control Pacifier might just be the answer you've been looking for. While it may not possess actual sound-controlling powers, it certainly brings joy and laughter into the world of parenting. Get ready to dial down the noise and turn up the smiles with this unique and entertaining pacifier!

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Top Comments from Reddit


This one goes to eleven.


Hope it comes in an adult size, i know some people who could use one


Why not just a mute button.


Does it go to 11?


I smell a flaw in the plan. What was the last time a baby was crying while having a pacifier in its mouth at the same time?


I want one with one of those shielded analog missile launch switches from the movies on it for my kid's face.


I am confused


Brilliant. Confusing though - I have never seen a volume control that isn't loudest fully clockwise.


Since we used to take turns, I woullda cranked that sucker after my shift, lol


Need this for MaGa morons.

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