Funny Mix-Up: Bronx Comedian Gets Confused with Gay Dating App at a Sandwich Shop

Zoey Waverider

Updated Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video, a Bronx comedian hilariously shares his experience of encountering a confusing mix-up at a sandwich shop. The video, titled "No I'm not on Grindr," has gained significant attention on social media platforms, leaving viewers in stitches.

The comedian starts off by highlighting the various names given to sandwiches across different regions. Coming from the Bronx, he refers to sandwiches as "heroes." However, he discovered that in some places, they are called "subs." Curiously, during a visit to Connecticut, he encounters yet another name for a sandwich: a "grinder."

This is where the comedy ensues, as the comedian points out that "grinder" is also the name of a popular gay dating app. With a humorous tone, he shares his confusion when the guy behind the counter assumes he wants a grinder, referring to the sandwich. The comedian quickly clarifies that he is not interested in the dating app, resulting in a comical exchange about the size of the sandwich.

The video has generated a flurry of comments, with one user appreciating the comedian's solid comedic timing and delivery. Others chimed in with their own regional sandwich names, including "subs," "heroes," and "hoagies." Some even mentioned that in Rhode Island, they call sandwiches "grinders."

Interestingly, a few comments revealed that in Connecticut, "wedges" are more commonly referred to instead of "grinders." This sparked a discussion among users who have moved from the Bronx to Connecticut, expressing their preference for the term "hero" instead.

While the video primarily focuses on the sandwich mix-up, it's important to note that some comments took a derogatory turn. It's crucial to promote a positive and inclusive atmosphere, appreciating comedy without resorting to offensive language or stereotypes.

Nonetheless, the video showcases the comedian's wit and ability to find humor in everyday situations. His unique perspective on sandwich names provides a lighthearted and entertaining experience for viewers.

The video "No I'm not on Grindr" captures an amusing encounter at a sandwich shop, where a Bronx comedian finds himself caught between sandwich terminology and a popular dating app. With its relatable content and comedic delivery, this video is sure to leave you laughing and craving your favorite sandwich, whether you call it a hero, sub, or grinder.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Not bad...not bad at all. Got a good thing going with the routine. Keep at it, good stuff!


That's a solid bit right there.


In Rhode Island we say Grinder.


In Jersey I've heard sub, hero and hoagie


That’s weird in CT I hear a wedge, a lot more than I hear a grinder.


I’m from the Bronx and moved to Ct and YUPPPPPPPPPPPPPP***


Tbh, ive never heard a sub called a grinder, but i can see it if its on a grinder roll.


“You know what I’m talking about, right?” 😂😂


I moved to CT from NY a couple years ago and I hate calling them grinders. I just want a hero!


Why do his n*****s progressively get harder?

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