Russian Family Values: The Harsh Reality of Soldier Treatment in Russia

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent video titled "Russian family values. Russia doesn’t treat its soldiers as humans" has sparked significant conversation about the treatment of soldiers in Russia. The video, featuring a poignant discussion in Yakut language, highlights the severe challenges faced by soldiers mobilized from Yakutia, Russia's far northeast region in the Sakha Republic.

The video sheds light on the dire conditions and brutal experiences of these soldiers, reflecting the broader issues within the Russian military system. One commenter noted the harsh reality that life in Yakutia is already tough, and the Russian Federation's government shows little regard for human lives.

The video has drawn numerous reactions, with some emphasizing the systemic neglect and abuse faced by soldiers. One commenter remarked, "They are probably dead," highlighting the fatal risks involved. Another pointed out President Vladimir Putin's tactics, such as paying $2000 per month to starving individuals in African countries to fight in Ukraine, with the grim prediction that most will not survive. The association between Trump and Putin was also mentioned, with a call to stop both to aid global peace.

Some comments provided further insight into the plight of Russian soldiers. For instance, soldiers who opposed the war sought asylum in countries like Kazakhstan and Afghanistan, only to be labeled as traitors by Putin and left destitute. Additionally, defense contractors from India, unknowingly placed on the frontlines, were allowed to return home after India expressed outrage.

Ethnic minorities face specific hardships, as highlighted by one viewer who noted, "He and his daughter are ethnic minorities. You can see that she is asiatic in heritage... Moscow only respects those it considers to be 'pure'." This sentiment is echoed by another comment, pointing out that Russia drafts primarily from regions with ethnic minorities, suggesting a form of ethnic cleansing through high-risk deployments.

The video and subsequent discussions reveal the brutal treatment of soldiers, with reports of radiation burns, beatings, and other forms of abuse becoming increasingly evident. The situation has led many to criticize Putin's leadership and the ongoing war, with calls for significant change.

This video and the associated comments underscore the severe and often inhumane conditions faced by Russian soldiers, particularly those from ethnic minority regions like Yakutia. The discussions reflect a broader discontent with Putin's regime and its military practices, highlighting the urgent need for international attention and intervention.

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They are probably dead.


Yakutia is Russia's far north east (Sakha Republic). Life there is tough already as it is. And yes, human lives are nothing to RF government.


Putin is now paying $2000 per month to starving people in African countries to go fight In Ukraine. Most if not all will die. Trump and Putin are partners. Stop both Putin and Trump and you help the world.


This is not Russia, this is Putin, losing a war…




The world is such a cruel place☹️


There were two interesting pieces on the Russian army. 1. Russian soldiers against this war left during battle to seek asylum in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc. Putin branded them as traitors, so these soldiers are living in poverty in foreign countries. 2. Defense contractors from India signed working contracts with Russia. Unbeknown to them, they signed up to be on the frontlines of the war. India was so outraged by this that Russia gave in and let the Indian contractors return home.


He and his daughter are ethnic minorities. You can see that she is asiatic in heritage, not (quite literally here) Caucasian or Slavic. Moscow only respects those it considers to be "pure". Where have we heard that before?


A thing many people don't know is that Russia is drafting primarily from regions with ethnic minorities they want to have gone anyways. So these draftees dying is at the same time part of an ethnic cleansing.


"Pay my debt to my homeland". By murdering.

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