Robert Irwin's Close Encounter with a Platypus: A Fascinating Look into Monotremes

Mason Riverwind

Updated Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Robert Irwin, the beloved son of the late Steve Irwin, continues to carry forward his father's legacy with a touching and educational video featuring a rare encounter with a platypus in Tasmania. Standing by a serene pond, Robert excitedly introduces the platypus, a unique monotreme, to viewers. "So I'm here in Tasmania by this little pond here, and have a look who just popped up. It's a platypus. How cool is that?" Robert whispers, careful not to s**** the elusive creature.

Platypuses, along with echidnas, are the only egg-laying mammals in the world, making them a subject of fascination for nature enthusiasts and scientists alike. Robert's genuine enthusiasm and soft-spoken approach resonate deeply with his audience. "It's like filming the Loch Ness Monster when he pops up," he says, reflecting on the rarity of this encounter.

In his video, Robert shares insights from his hands-on experience at a wildlife hospital. "I've been lucky enough to work with platypus hands-on when we get them into our wildlife hospital. Sometimes they'll be injured or displaced, we'll take them in, rescue them, rehabilitate them, and then release them back out into the wild," he explains. This dedication to wildlife conservation is a testament to the Irwin family's commitment to preserving nature.

Robert's detailed observations about the platypus further enrich the video. He notes that while they are primarily aquatic, platypuses do spend some time on land. "Those little webbed feet have got good little claws on them, and interestingly the males will actually have a venomous spur," he adds, highlighting the unique characteristics of these fascinating creatures.

The video has garnered an overwhelming response from viewers, many of whom draw parallels between Robert and his father, Steve Irwin. Comments like "That whole family is doing mother nature proud. ❤️😭" and "Insane how much he looks like his dad ❤️" reflect the deep admiration and affection fans have for the Irwin family. One user aptly puts it, "He's becoming a great nature-man in his own right, he's less playful than his dad but he's got a softness in his tone that's very endearing."

Robert Irwin's endearing personality and dedication to wildlife conservation continue to inspire and educate audiences worldwide. This video not only showcases the incredible platypus but also reinforces the enduring legacy of the Irwin family in the realm of wildlife preservation. For those intrigued by the wonders of nature, Robert's encounter with the platypus is a must-watch, offering a rare glimpse into the life of one of the world's most unique animals.

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That whole family is doing mother nature proud. ❤️😭


Thought someone was takin’ the p***, but it really is his kid




Platipy are a mix of evolutionary traits. They’re like if you pulled the handle in slots and this is what was left on the table.


Perhaps we should recognize Bob's work as his own and start calling him by his own name?


Somehow I thought they were much bigger creatures. Looks like they are typically 15 to 24 in long and less than 7 lbs.


For a SPLIT second I thought it was his dad in an upscale HD video. H********.


This mfer is as invested as Steve was but his vibe is so chill. I love this family.


He's becoming a great nature-man in his own right, he's less playful than his dad but he's got a softness in his tone that's very endearing


Wow. I honestly thought it was just Steve in the first couple seconds.

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