Jaw-Dropping Reactions to First-Time Ocean Encounter Will Leave You Speechless

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Thursday, May 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever witnessed someone experiencing something so incredible for the first time that it left you in awe? Well, get ready to be amazed because a recent video has been making waves on social media, capturing the pure wonder and excitement of an individual seeing the ocean for the very first time.

In the video, a person is seen standing on the sandy beach, their eyes wide with anticipation. As they gaze out into the vast expanse of water, their excitement becomes palpable. "Oh my god, look there it is! There it is!" they exclaim, unable to contain their enthusiasm. It's a truly sentimental moment that reminds us of the beauty and power of nature.

The video garnered numerous comments from users who were equally moved by the emotional experience. One commenter couldn't help but express their amazement, saying, "It truly is so much water!" And they're absolutely right. The sheer magnitude of the ocean is enough to leave anyone in awe.

Another user shared their personal connection to the ocean, revealing, "I've been fortunate to live within an hour of the Pacific for most of my life and I feel this in my soul. The magnitude and perfectly flat horizon do something to your brain that makes you take notice every time." It's incredible how nature's wonders can have such a profound impact on our emotions.

Many others chimed in with their own stories of first-time ocean encounters. One person recalled how their uncles had a similar reaction, filled with shock and awe. Another shared their memories of taking friends from Alberta to see the ocean for the first time, where they witnessed jellies and starfish from the pier.

The video even sparked a discussion about the importance of appreciating the ocean and its beauty. One commenter, who grew up by the sea, expressed their sadness that there are still people in the 21st century who have never seen an ocean or sea in their entire lifetime. They emphasized the majesty of the ocean, from its calm summer days to its powerful storms, and the need to respect and cherish it.

The power of the ocean to evoke emotions was further exemplified by a touching story shared by a user. They recounted the first time their mother saw the ocean, describing her shock at the sight of water seemingly "going uphill." It was a transformative experience for her, coming from a heavily-wooded area where the horizon was never visible. Shortly after, Hurricane Camille struck, solidifying her newfound understanding of the water's movement.

The comments also revealed the diversity of experiences people have had with the ocean. Some grew up in deserts with only lakes, making their first encounter with the ocean even more impactful. Others, like a person from Southern California, marveled at the vastness of the ocean while reflecting on the things we often take for granted.

The video touched the hearts of many viewers, prompting them to share their own stories of being moved by new experiences. One person tearfully admitted, "I remember seeing things for the first time and just being so struck by the enormity and the beauty that all I could do was cry. It’s been a long time since that happened. Too long." The video served as a reminder of the power of discovery and the importance of appreciating life's wonders.

The video capturing the first-time ocean encounter is a testament to the indescribable beauty and awe-inspiring nature of our planet. It serves as a reminder to cherish every moment and to never lose our sense of wonder. So, the next time you find yourself by the ocean, take a moment to truly appreciate its magnificence.

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Top Comments from Imgur


It truly is so much f***ing water


I've been fortunate to live within an hour of the pacific for most of my life and I feel this in my soul. The magnitude and perfectly flat horizon do something to your brain that makes you take notice every f***ing time.


I remember my uncles where the same why. Shock and awe


Too cool. I grew up in White Rock B.C.. Some of my earliest memories are of the ocean. I got to take a couple of friends from Alberta to see it for the first time last summer. Saw a few jellies & lots of starfish from the pier.


Is she in the military by chance? That sock bun looks... familiar


My niece was two when I took her to see it for the first time. After staring at it for a really long time, she looked back at me, pointed at the ocean and said “mine”


As a person, who grew up by the sea, I feel so weirded out by the fact that in 21st century there are people still that have never seen ocean or sea in their entire lifetime. I feel really sad. It’s a majestic sight both in summer and winter, during calm and storm. Sea is mother of all local weather and all the storms. You live near sea, you learn to respect it


The first time my mother saw the ocean (in Gulfport MS) she said she freaked out because the water looked like it was "going uphill"… She had lived in heavily-wooded Simpson County Mississippi all her life, with tall pine forests, and had literally never seen the horizon before. Shortly after that experience Hurricane Camille struck (in 1969) and she said "Well, I reckon all that water finally ran downhill"…




I grew up in a desert. We had lakes. But it’s not the same. It felt so different when I traveled to Florida and stood on the beach for the first time.

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