Heartbreaking Loss: The Story of the Maple Tree and its Surprising Fate

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Thursday, May 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video titled "Maple Tree Surprise!", viewers were captivated by the beauty and tragedy that unfolded before their eyes. The video showcased a magnificent maple tree, standing tall and proud, but it was clear that its days were numbered. As the comments poured in, people couldn't help but express their sadness and offer their thoughts on the situation.

One viewer commented on the tree's striking appearance, acknowledging its undeniable beauty while lamenting its unfortunate demise. They raised an important point, noting that the hollow cavity in the tree's main trunk had already caused one of its limbs to fall off. With the recent turn of events, the likelihood of losing more limbs became even higher, as the weathered and distressed hollow cavity would now deteriorate at an accelerated pace.

Another commenter astutely pointed out that the weight of the lost limb may have been keeping the tree balanced. As a result, the tree now appeared to be heavily biased towards falling towards a nearby house, raising concerns for the safety of those living there.

Amidst the sorrow, a ray of joy emerged when someone noticed tiny baby racc**** in the tree. The adorable creatures brought a moment of happiness, as viewers couldn't help but exclaim their delight and share soul-stirring emojis.

Further comments shed light on the nature of the tree, suggesting that it might be a silver maple. This particular type of maple is known for its rapid growth, but it often falls victim to the splitting of the main trunk and internal rot, as seen in the video. Many individuals shared their own experiences with silver maples, recounting multiple instances of branches falling and causing damage. Thankfully, in this case, the house was spared, but the incidents serve as a reminder of the inherent risks these trees can pose.

While some advocated for the tree's removal, acknowledging its gradual decline and potential dangers, others proposed temporary solutions. Suggestions ranged from placing a cover over the hole to protect the nest of the baby racc****, to using a tractor to lift the fallen branch and secure it back in place with screws and duct tape. Creative ideas even included repurposing the remaining good wood into something that could be cherished inside the home.

The welfare of the baby racc**** also sparked discussion, with one commenter offering insight from their experience in wildlife rehabilitation. They advised leaving the babies undisturbed for a few days, assuring that the mother raccoon would relocate them all, ensuring their safety.

As the conversation continued, the topic shifted to the bittersweet cycle of life and the memories associated with old trees. Some expressed nostalgia for the loss of the tree, likening it to saying goodbye to an old friend. The prospect of obtaining cuttings from the tree to continue its legacy was even discussed, highlighting the sentimental value attached to these natural wonders.

The video also revealed the unexpected arrival of new inhabitants in the tree's hollow cavity. Racc**** wasted no time in making themselves at home, prompting playful comments about their cookie-baking escapades and the comical term "trash pandas" they are often referred to as.

Throughout the comments, there was a sense of community and shared experiences, with individuals relating their concerns about neighboring trees and offering sympathy for the loss. The discussion even took a humorous turn with suggestions of utilizing the remaining trunk for chainsaw art and creating a wooden raccoon family sculpture.

In the face of this heart-wrenching loss, the importance of seeking expert advice was emphasized. Viewers encouraged the video poster to consult an arborist, who could provide guidance on how to care for aging trees and prevent similar incidents in the future.

The story of the maple tree's surprise demise serves as a reminder of the transient nature of life and the significance of preserving our natural surroundings. It is a testament to the power of community, empathy, and the ability to find solace amidst loss.

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Beautiful looking tree, and a shame to see it end this way. However, please consider: The hollow cavity in the main trunk was already enough for one main limb to fall off. The likelihood of losing other limbs is now even higher, as the hollow cavity will now be weathered and distressed even faster. And also, the weight of the lost limb may have been keeping the tree balanced. The tree now looks extremely biased towards falling towards your house.


Farewell, dear maple tree. Even the picture of it here is pretty yet sad. Also... AHHH!! Tiny baby racc****! So cute! :-D <3


Yea, let the animals move, then cut it down. It's already on its way out & disabled. Sorry but it will only be a problem if it stays


Looks like a silver maple? This is pretty typical for them. Lots of them got planted in the 50s and 60s because they grow so fast, but most have died or gotten taken down because they readily split the main trunk and the insides rot out like this. Had 2 in my yard growing up, multiple bad falls like this. We were lucky they never hit our house though 2 smashed garden furniture and one closed 3 of the 4 lanes of the street we lived on. On the bright side now you get to select a new tree or trees!


you could try putting something over the hole for the time being but I'm not sure if it'd make it any better for the renters..


I hope you'll put some kind of temporary wrap around the gaping hole that used to be their protected nest. Those little dudes need another 2-3 wks before they're ready to wander go outside.


You're on a farm so you must have a tractor. Lift that branch back up, throw some screws in it, a little duct tape, and it's good to go.


Is there any piece of it that is still good wood? You could consider making something or having something made from it so it can live on inside your home.


I've worked in wildlife rehabilitation. Best thing you can do for the babies is leave them alone for 2 or 3 days. Mama will move them all. Just putting that out there for someone who had to rehone a lot of wildlife for many years.


Little gorilla glue, little string...fix that right up.

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