Sir Patrick Stewart Threatens Borg Invasion in Humorous Highlander Meme

Mia Nightshade

Updated Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent meme that has taken the internet by storm, Sir Patrick Stewart, the iconic actor known for his roles in "Star Trek" and "X-Men," is seen flexing his comedic muscles. The three-panel meme showcases Sir Patrick in a dark suit, exuding confidence and wit.

The first panel features Sir Patrick with a circular emblem at the top, indicating his fame and popularity. The caption reveals that he often gets stopped by fans on the street who express their gratitude for his portrayal of Captain Picard in "Star Trek." It's evident that Sir Patrick cherishes these encounters and acknowledges the impact he has had on fans' lives.

Moving on to the second panel, Sir Patrick's expression shifts slightly, suggesting a change in tone. The caption teases that he has something important to say to each and every fan he encounters. What could it be?

The final panel delivers the punchline. Sir Patrick's face transforms into a serious and slightly agitated look as he delivers a humorous boast. He challenges anyone who dares to question his importance, warning them of an impending Borg invasion that would make a Renaissance Fair look like child's play. He even goes as far as claiming to have taken the sword off the Queen during his knighting ceremony, asserting his superiority over the fictional Highlander.

This meme perfectly captures Sir Patrick's ability to seamlessly transition from graciousness to playful arrogance, all in good fun. It's a testament to his comedic talent and the enduring impact of his roles on pop culture.

Fans of Sir Patrick Stewart have been quick to embrace the meme, flooding the comment section with praise and admiration. One user humorously suggests that the actor is constantly bombarded by Star Trek fans, fishing for his attention. Another user, clearly in awe of Sir Patrick's persona, exclaims, "Sir Patrick Stewart is BADASS!"

The mention of "Men in Tights" in the meme's caption has also sparked a discussion, with fans attributing the film's witty writing to the legendary Mel Brooks. The comment section becomes a testament to the enduring impact of Brooks' work and the fond memories associated with his films.

While some fans express their love for Sir Patrick's various roles, from Captain Picard to Gurney Hallick in "Dune," others recount personal encounters with the actor. One individual shares a less-than-pleasant experience, noting that Sir Patrick seemed stand-offish and abrupt. However, most fans agree that a polite nod is all that's needed to acknowledge the actor's greatness without bothering him.

As with any meme, there are a few users who struggle to grasp the humor. One commenter admits, "I don't get the joke." Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority finds the meme entertaining and shares their appreciation for Sir Patrick's talent.

This meme featuring Sir Patrick Stewart showcases his ability to captivate audiences with his humor and wit. From his graciousness to his exaggerated boasts, Sir Patrick proves once again why he is beloved by fans worldwide. So, the next time you encounter Sir Patrick on the street, be prepared for a humorous interaction that could rival a Borg invasion or a Highlander duel.

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It's hilarious now, I do not have the social skills to be able to respond to that in person. You're an amazing man Sir Patrick Stewart.


See, you know he just gets all the star Trek fans fishing at him. If I ever met him in person, is to for Mel Brooks' line from MiT: "it's good to be the king!"


G*****N. Sir Patrick Stewart is BADASS!


“Whomever wrote Men In Tights”………. That’d be Mel f***in Brooks


Well, his character definitely outlasted highlander


..At least I'm not bald.


I would purchase a sexy cake from that man


Said the same thing to me a few years ago. Best 12th bday party ever


Every time they make a Robin Hood movie, they burn our village down. LEAVE US ALONE MEL BROOKS!!!!


If I ever ran into him I’d say, “look it’s king Richard and he’s back from the crusades”

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