Comedic Seal's Body Language Leaves Internet in Stitches

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent viral video featuring an adorable seal has taken the internet by storm, showcasing the importance of body language in the animal kingdom. The video, which has garnered thousands of views and comments, captures the amusing and relatable expressions of a confused seal waiting for approval.

In the video, the seal can be seen with a perplexed look on its face, as if contemplating something important. One user commented, "So I was thinking, if you want, we could like uhh... hang out some day or something." This playful comment perfectly captures the humorous nature of the seal's expression.

Another user hilariously pointed out, "They're trying to score a second breakfast with those puppy eyes." The seal's innocent and longing gaze definitely resembles that of a hungry puppy hoping for a treat. It's hard not to chuckle at the seal's adorable desperation.

Some users couldn't help but draw comparisons to human behavior, with one comment stating, "Kid's first day of school vibes. Wondering where his mom went and when she'll be coming back. Breaks my heart." This comment highlights the relatability of the seal's body language, as many of us have experienced similar feelings of uncertainty and longing in unfamiliar situations.

However, amidst the laughter and amusement, some users expressed concern about the seal's living conditions. One user commented, "Concrete is no home for an animal," while another stated, "zoos are prisons for animals and are shameful." These comments reflect the ongoing debate surrounding the ethical considerations of keeping animals in captivity.

While the video undoubtedly brings joy and laughter to viewers, it also sparks contemplation about the well-being of animals in zoos. Users questioned whether modern technology, such as videos, can replace the need for traditional zoos, proposing the idea of rescue places with open areas to observe animals instead.

The viral video featuring the confused seal waiting for approval has captivated audiences worldwide. Its relatable and comical body language has sparked laughter and thoughtful discussions about animal welfare. As we continue to appreciate the charm and humor of animals, it's important to consider their natural habitats and well-being.

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confused seal still waiting for approval


"So I was thinking, if you want, we could like uhh... hang out some day or something"


They're trying to score a second breakfast with those puppy eyes.


Needs to use the restroom but is too nervous to ask.


Got any sweet games on that phone?


Concrete is no home for an animal.


Breaks my heart


You've heard of the seal of approval. Now meet the Seal of anxiety.


So….this is it?…..this is all there is to zoo life??


zoos are prisons for animals and are shameful

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