Clarence the Chimp Shocks Zoo Visitors with Unbelievable Prosthetic Arm

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a viral video that has taken the internet by storm, a chimpanzee named Clarence has become the center of attention at the Colchester Zoo. The video captures an incredible moment when Clarence reveals his astonishing prosthetic arm, leaving zoo visitors in awe and disbelief.

The video starts innocently enough, with Clarence going about his usual activities in the zoo enclosure. However, it quickly becomes evident that there is something extraordinary about this particular chimp. As the camera zooms in, we see Clarence confidently strutting around with a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm.

The comments section beneath the video showcases a mix of astonishment, humor, and even philosophical ponderings. One user suggests that chaos would ensue if Clarence were to remove his prosthetic arm, highlighting the curiosity surrounding this unique situation. Another comment reflects on the eerie nature of zoos and how we often forget to consider the perspective of the animals themselves.

Interestingly, one viewer draws a parallel between humans' instinctual repulsion towards genetic defects and the great ape's response to Clarence's prosthetic arm. It's as if the chimpanzees experience the uncanny valley, a discomfort caused by something that is almost human-like but not quite.

Some viewers couldn't help but make light of the situation, comparing Clarence to a cyborg and imagining the chimp's thoughts as he shows off his bionic limb. The humor continues with the suggestion of a "Rocket baboon," a playful combination that doesn't quite fit the reality at hand.

Beyond the entertainment value of the video, it sparks a deeper reflection on our shared ancestry with primates. One comment suggests that Clarence's unique position as the leader of the group speaks volumes about the similarities between humans and our evolutionary predecessors.

The video also serves as a reminder of the power and unpredictability of chimpanzees. One viewer humorously notes that the presence of a prosthetic arm is enough to remind us just how terrifying chimps can be. The comment section is filled with exclamations like, "Oh, it's a terminator!" and the imagined reaction of the apes themselves, "Is that even an option?!"

As the video concludes, we witness a chimp crossing himself in what appears to be a gesture of disbelief or astonishment. This final moment encapsulates the range of emotions experienced by zoo visitors as they witness Clarence's remarkable prosthetic arm.

While the video may leave us with many unanswered questions, one thing is for sure: Clarence has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world. His story highlights the incredible resilience and adaptability of animals, reminding us that they too can overcome adversity in ways we never thought possible.

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Top Comments from Imgur


step 2, take it off and watch chaos unfold


More and more zoos creep me out. I think about it too much from the animals’s perspective


What interesting reactions. It's more curiosity until the third one shows up.


So instinctually humans are repulsed by genetic defects and injuries. I imagine seeing a Prosthetic would be the great ape equivalent of the uncanny valley.


Did a tornado pass through their enclosure?


Third one came in like that's a cyborg right there, we ain't having that in here!


Oy! Mate, come look at this mad s***! - Chimp probably


Rocket baboon? No, that doesn't work.


I just wanted him to pull it off and hold it over his head as the apes look on in horror.


The fact that Clarence is the way he his and likely the leader and likely a lot like our ancestral leaders says a lot about us as a species

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