Oklahoma and Texas Join the SEC: A Witty Introduction to the Conference

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The long-anticipated moment has arrived—Texas and Oklahoma are now official members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). This historic addition has been years in the making, but their introduction to the other teams during a lunch gathering received a rather frosty reception.

In a video featuring Al Ostrich, FunnyMaine, and Josh Mancuso, the new members were given a less-than-warm welcome. "Guys, can I get everybody to settle down please? Well, we have two new teams joining us this year. Say hello to Oklahoma and Texas," the host announced, attempting to ease the tension. The reactions, however, were far from friendly.

Comments flew around the room, dripping with sarcasm and rivalry. "You have got to be kidding me," one voice exclaimed. The playful jabs continued as someone mentioned the infamous "Bivo Christmas special ratings," while another quipped about sending the new baseball coach's personal items to Austin.

The video humorously depicts the competitive spirit and deep-rooted rivalries within the SEC. One character even takes a dig at Alabama, saying, "Beat you by double digits at home. Remember?" Alabama's retort was swift and sharp, "Pasadena 2010—five, six championships. It all starts to run together."

The banter didn't stop there. "Hey, if Colt hadn't got hurt," one team member interjected, only to be met with laughter and flag-throwing antics. The conversation shifted to other sports, with a declaration that "softball's coming, baby," leading to a playful exchange about national championships.

Amidst the jokes, a sense of camaraderie began to emerge. "Maybe we're not so different after all," one character mused, though another quickly retorted, "No, we're not to that part yet." The playful rivalry hinted at a future where Texas and Oklahoma might finally integrate into the SEC's unique culture.

The video hilariously wraps up with a nod to the financial implications of this league expansion. "In the SEC, it just means more—more money. It's a business decision," one character summarized, echoing the sentiment of many fans and analysts.

Witness the fun and rivalry unfold as Texas and Oklahoma step into the SEC spotlight. Watch the full video to enjoy the humor and drama of this historic moment.

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