Jason and Travis Kelce Take on London: Hecklers, Golf with Wayne Gretzky, and Meeting the Royals

Harper Quill

Updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

92%ers, the latest episode of "New Heights" is here, and it's a must-watch! Sponsored by Crown Royal, this episode is filmed live from the vibrant Passyunk Avenue Bar in London, England. Jason and Travis Kelce, the dynamic NFL duo, dive into an action-packed week filled with unforgettable moments.

Travis Kelce kicks off the episode by recounting his weekend in Nashville. From golfing with the legendary Wayne Gretzky to attending Tight End U, his experiences are nothing short of spectacular. Meanwhile, Jason Kelce shares a wacky story about how his charity golf outing was almost derailed by some spirited Philly hecklers.

The excitement doesn't stop there. Jason provides an entertaining recap of his first night at the Eras tour, shedding light on why holding a beer with your teeth isn't a big deal and what it was like to meet members of the Royal family.

Given that this is the London Special, the Kelce brothers partake in a "London Slang Quiz," revive historical figures from the Revolutionary War in "Player’s As," and answer intriguing "No Dumb Questions" about playing overseas. The duo also indulges in some authentic British cuisine, adding a flavorful twist to the episode.

Don't miss out on this thrilling installment of "New Heights." Watch the full episode to join Jason and Travis Kelce on their London adventure and catch all the laughs, insights, and surprises.

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