Discover the Most Overrated and Underrated Dorm Items with Gohar

Riley Sundew

Updated Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Setting up a dorm room for the academic year is an exciting yet challenging task. In the video titled "Overrated vs. Underrated Dorm Items," Gohar breaks down which items deserve a spot in your dorm and which ones are just wasting space.

Starting off, Gohar argues that an iron and ironing board are overrated dorm items. Instead, a steamer is recommended for its convenience and efficiency. He then stresses the importance of a surge protector, essential for plugging in multiple devices at once.

Surprisingly, Gohar points out that a TV is unnecessary for most dorms. Dorm rooms are often too small, and the dorm lounge probably already has one. Instead, he suggests investing in a whiteboard, which can be incredibly useful for notes and reminders.

Other underrated items include a mini stapler and a pair of scissors. These can come in handy more often than one might think, such as cutting tags off new clothes like the slides you might buy to wear around the dorm.

Gohar also mentions that most dorm rooms come with a trash can, so purchasing an additional one is unnecessary. Lastly, he recommends getting a power bank to ensure you always have enough battery life, especially to stay connected with his content.

For a detailed breakdown of these recommendations, watch the full video and join the discussion on Gohar's Discord server. Plus, if you need help with your college essays, Gohar offers editing services through Next Admit. Visit the links provided in the video description for more information.

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