The Science Behind Ice Rinks: How They Stay Frozen and the Surprising Connection to Your Bed

Harper Quill

Updated Monday, June 24, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Ever wondered how ice rinks manage to stay frozen even in room temperature arenas? A fascinating process lies beneath the surface, and it’s more intricate than one might think. Delving into the mechanics, it becomes clear that the secret to an ice rink's frostiness is the network of pipes beneath the ice. These pipes circulate a super-cooled refrigerant liquid, which remains liquid even at temperatures a few degrees below freezing. By continuously flowing this chilled liquid through the pipes and layering water on top, a durable and thin 1-inch ice surface is created. Contrary to popular belief, the ice is not a foot thick, making the engineering even more impressive.

Mark Rober’s latest video dives deep into this phenomenon, demonstrating with a mini ice rink model. Beyond the ice rink, Rober introduces an innovative mattress cover by Eight Sleep, which employs similar technology. This mattress cover uses a chiller to control the temperature of water circulated through embedded tubes, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment all year round. The chiller can cool the water for a refreshing sleep in warmer months or warm it during winter, a feature even ice rinks can’t boast.

Rober's personal experience with this technology highlights its effectiveness, noting that the mattress cover is silent and the tubes are undetectable while lying down. This clever integration of ice rink technology into a sleep solution is not only a testament to modern ingenuity but also offers a unique way to improve sleep quality.

For those interested in experiencing this cutting-edge sleep technology, Mark Rober's video provides an exclusive discount code for Eight Sleep. Watch the full video to see the mini ice rink in action and learn more about the science that keeps ice rinks from melting, as well as how it can transform your sleep.

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