Shelby & Dylan's Joyful Adventure at Inside Out 2 HQ with Airbnb and Pixar

Harper Quill

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Shelby and Dylan have shared an unforgettable experience that has fans excited and eager to learn more. The couple was invited by Airbnb to stay at the Inside Out 2 Headquarters, courtesy of Pixar.

The video begins with Shelby and Dylan expressing their amazement as they step into the memory room, a vibrant and whimsical space that immediately brings to mind the joyful character from the beloved movie, Inside Out. Shelby exclaims, "What? We're staying at Inside Out Headquarters. Look at this thing." Dylan responds with equal enthusiasm, "I know. Welcome to the memory room."

As they explore further, the couple marvels at the intricately designed rooms, each representing different emotions. The Joy room, with its cheerful decor and circular bed, stands out. Dylan jokes, "A circle bed. I thought they came in rectangles." Shelby adds, "Can you guess whose room this is? Her face is literally on the wall."

The playful banter continues as they navigate through the various rooms, each evoking different emotions. The rooms are adorned with soft furnishings and words of affirmation, making Dylan remark, "Look at how soft everything is and the words of affirmation. I don't know, it makes me feel comfortable."

The adventure takes a nostalgic turn when they reach the core memory section. Dylan notes, "Now this is where all the core memories are stored," to which Shelby responds, "Oh Riley's. Yes, yes. True. Mine are here." Shelby then reflects, "Speaking of core memories, I think we're making one."

Shelby and Dylan's exploration doesn't stop there. They visit Fear's room, where Dylan humorously admits, "I know this is Fear's room because I'm also scared of typewriters." The couple also finds Sadness's room, which Shelby describes as "cute."

The tour culminates at the headquarters, offering breathtaking views. Shelby exclaims, "Oh my goodness. You get an amazing view," and Dylan excitedly agrees, "Yeah, right here and that one too."

The video wraps up with a lighthearted interaction between the couple, symbolizing the emotional journey they experienced throughout their stay. Dylan playfully notes, "I think I did something bad," and Shelby responds with a smile, "I like you. Happy, sad, happy, sad, happy, sad, angry. Let's leave her happy."

Shelby and Dylan's visit to the Inside Out 2 HQ is more than just a stay; it's an emotional rollercoaster that brings the characters and themes of the movie to life. This collaboration between Airbnb and Pixar has truly outdone itself, leaving fans eager to experience the magic for themselves.

Watch Shelby and Dylan's full adventure and immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Inside Out 2.

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