The Dark Tale of Slitterman: A Disturbing Discord Story

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Fierce businesswoman has taken to TikTok to reveal a chilling narrative about a character named Slitterman. This video, titled #discorddating #discord, dives into the eerie and unsettling actions of Slitterman, a sinister figure who embodies fear and chaos within the community.

The story begins with Slitterman breaking into homes, causing havoc, and controlling the unfortunate souls he encounters. The video portrays Slitterman as a force of destruction, who not only invades personal spaces but also manipulates minds, making people consume dangerous substances like molly. The terrifying adventures of Slitterman escalate as he disrupts the community, with the narrator expressing disdain for the control Slitterman exerts over thoughts and actions.

The narrative takes a bizarre turn with the mention of a machete, hinting at the violence that Slitterman brings. The chaos continues with vivid descriptions of harmful actions, such as tampering with household items like air fryers and introducing dangerous substances to unsuspecting victims. The video culminates in a disturbing vision of a house filled with horror, as Slitterman’s influence leads to tragic outcomes.

What makes this TikTok video particularly gripping is the raw and unfiltered depiction of Slitterman’s reign of terror. The creator’s storytelling ability draws viewers into a world of suspense and fear, leaving a lasting impression. It’s a cautionary tale embedded within the context of Discord, a platform known for its vibrant and diverse communities.

For those intrigued by dark and mysterious stories, this TikTok video offers a compelling watch. Discover the full tale of Slitterman and his eerie escapades by watching the video.

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