Allison Kuch's Exciting House Renovation Journey: From Skylights to Backyard Bliss

Avery Emberly

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Allison Kuch recently shared her thrilling house renovation journey on TikTok, and it's more exciting than one might expect! In her latest video titled "never thought id be so excited over some windows," Allison takes viewers on a captivating tour of her home, highlighting the impressive changes and quirky features that have transformed her space.

Despite being a little over budget, Allison is ecstatic about the new additions. She starts by showing off sleek windows that weren't available during her childhood in Michigan, bringing a modern and expensive touch to the home. One of the standout features is a strategically placed skylight, which floods a previously dark and dingy room with natural light, significantly improving the ambiance.

Allison's favorite part of the renovation is a unique window setup that will eventually feature a countertop acting as a bar, perfect for making margaritas once they move in. She humorously hopes not to get pregnant before moving in, ensuring she can enjoy the setup to the fullest.

The backyard renovations are another highlight. Initially, Allison and Isaac considered delaying these to save money, but the allure of an outdoor barbecue area and aesthetic improvements won them over. She playfully comments on how Isaac's sauna disrupts the aesthetic, emphasizing that the house is tailored for her and their dog, Scotty.

Inside, Allison shows various areas under construction, including their future living room and a guest bathroom nearly complete. She notes some hiccups along the way, like disliking doors they ordered a year ago and needing to replace them. Despite these challenges, her enthusiasm remains high.

The video also features a humorous moment where Allison talks about how Isaac is staying at the house overnight because of a dream she had where he got a girl pregnant. This quirky anecdote adds a personal touch to the renovation journey.

Allison's video is a delightful mix of home improvement, personal anecdotes, and humor. Her excitement is contagious, making the renovation process fun to watch. Check out the full video to see all the exciting changes and join Allison on her renovation adventure!

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