Laughable Reaction: Sean Berg Stuns Dr. Erica Rodgers with Giant Water Bottle

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Sean Berg recently shared a TikTok video featuring a visit to his chiropractor, Dr. Erica Rodgers, that left her utterly shocked. The video, titled "My Chiropractor was in shock!🤯@Dr. Erica Rodgers," has garnered significant attention and for good reason.

The video starts with Dr. Erica Rodgers welcoming Sean for his first adjustment. Their humorous interaction begins when Sean stands up, towering over Dr. Rodgers, who is visibly surprised by his height. The two exchange pleasantries, with Sean even jokingly pointing out the dust on the ceiling that only he can see due to his height.

The highlight of the video is when Sean showcases his "small" water bottle—a gallon-sized container that he casually refers to as small. Dr. Rodgers is amazed by the sheer size of the bottle, noting that she can barely hold it with one hand. Sean humorously explains how he drinks one and a half of these giant bottles every day, much to Dr. Rodgers' astonishment.

This light-hearted and engaging video not only highlights the fun dynamics between Sean Berg and Dr. Erica Rodgers but also emphasizes the importance of hydration in a comical way.

Watch the full video to see the laughable moment when Dr. Rodgers reacts to Sean's giant water bottle!

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