Garrett94's Lighthearted and Honest Durian Fruit Review: A Must-Watch Food Adventure

Zoey Waverider

Updated Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Garrett94 delivers a side-splitting and unfiltered review of the infamous durian fruit in his latest TikTok video. Known for its polarizing scent and taste, the durian fruit has been a hot topic among food enthusiasts, and Garrett94 finally gets his hands on one after numerous requests from his followers, including @hubles86.

Diving right into the experience, Garrett94 describes the fruit as having a melon-like smell initially, only to discover the infamous stench that has given durian its notorious reputation. Despite the pungent odor, which he humorously compares to a "dead carcass," Garrett94 remains determined to give it a try.

The initial taste test reveals a surprising twist. Contrary to popular belief that durian tastes like custard, Garrett94 finds the flavor to be quite different and unexpectedly enjoyable, albeit challenging to describe. He navigates through the texture and taste with a mix of bewilderment and amusement, making for an engaging watch.

As the review progresses, Garrett94's candid reactions and descriptive commentary provide an entertaining and relatable perspective on trying durian for the first time. His humorous analogy about the fruit's taste and texture, comparing it to a visit to the city morgue, adds an extra layer of comedy to the review.

Garrett94 rates the durian fruit a zero out of ten, but his genuine and comedic approach makes this food review a must-see. Whether a durian fan or a curious foodie, this video offers an honest and lighthearted take on one of the world's most controversial fruits.

Watch Garrett94's full durian fruit review on TikTok for an unforgettable and entertaining food adventure.

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