How a Clever Bet Helped a Brother Find His Voice

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Friday, May 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a uplifting TikTok video, user NaeN💕 shared a touching story about a bet that forever changed the dynamics of her family. The video, which has captivated viewers around the world, showcases the power of determination and love.

When NaeN was younger, her mother made her an intriguing proposition. She promised to give her $50 if she could find a way to get her nonverbal autistic brother, Atticus, to speak. The challenge was no easy feat, as Atticus was categorized as high needs on the autism spectrum.

Undeterred by the seemingly impossible task, NaeN decided to give it her all. For two consecutive days, she focused on connecting with her brother through a unique method. With sheer determination, she repeated a single word to him, "potato," in various frequencies.

On the first day, NaeN looked at Atticus and said "potato" over and over again. To her amazement, he responded with a faint "uh" sound. Encouraged by this breakthrough, NaeN continued her efforts, intensifying the repetition. Gradually, Atticus began to articulate the word "pot" and eventually mastered the full word.

With the first word conquered, NaeN and Atticus bonded over card games, particularly enjoying the simplicity of "I Declare War." Despite Atticus's limited understanding of the game, he effortlessly grasped the concept of bigger numbers, making it a delightful experience for both siblings.

The uplifting narrative takes an unexpected turn as NaeN prepares an omelet for Atticus in the late afternoon. While the video leaves us hanging, it's clear that this pivotal moment holds great significance in their journey.

NaeN's TikTok video has resonated with millions of people, highlighting the power of love, determination, and the bond between siblings. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, the seemingly impossible becomes possible with the right amount of perseverance and compassion.

If you're curious to witness this powerful story firsthand, head over to NaeN's TikTok account to watch the video. Prepare to be inspired by the uplifting journey of a brother finding his voice and the incredible sibling connection that made it all possible.

Remember, miracles happen when we least expect them. Watch the video and let NaeN💕's story touch your heart.

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