Witty and Unique Road Trip from Gurley to C*: A Journey Through the Southeast

Harper Quill

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Embark on a unique and witty road trip through the southeastern United States, starting from the quaint town of Gurley, Alabama, and ending in the aptly named C*****, Georgia. This journey, depicted on a map similar to Google Maps, spans 575 miles and takes approximately 11 hours and 14 minutes to complete.

The route, highlighted in blue, winds through a series of amusingly named towns and counties, making for an unforgettable drive. From Gurley, the first stop is Ballplay, Alabama, a small town that sets the tone for the playful nature of this trip. Continuing southeast, the next stop is Gore, Georgia, followed by C*****g, Georgia, known for its charming small-town feel.

The drive then takes travelers through Butts County, Georgia, a place that never fails to elicit chuckles. As the journey progresses, the route passes through the town of Gay, Georgia, before reaching The Rock, a historic community with a rich heritage. The road then leads to Americus, Georgia, a town with a vibrant history and warm hospitality.

Further along, the route includes a stop in Sasser, Georgia, before finally reaching the destination of C*****, Georgia. This small town promises a memorable end to a road trip filled with laughter and intriguing stops.

Throughout the journey, the scenic backdrop of Alabama and Georgia adds to the charm of the trip. Major nearby cities such as Tallahassee, Chattanooga, Birmingham, and Augusta provide additional context to the drive, making it an adventure through the heart of the southeastern United States.

This road trip is not just about the destinations but also about the quirky and humorous names of the towns along the way. It’s a perfect example of how even the simplest journeys can be filled with joy and amusement. Whether planning to take this trip or simply looking for a good laugh, the route from Gurley to C***** is sure to entertain and delight.

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Top Comments from Reddit


In Michigan, you can take 69 to C*****.


Swing over to North Carolina and go through C***** and Erect.


There's also a town by the name of C***** in Saskatchewan, Canada. The sign leaving the town says, 'Please Come Again'.


A little further NE and you could have started with C***** and then hit Nankipoo, on your way to Gurley.


Should have started in Kentucky at Big Bone Lick state park.


Why not start in D****, Newfoundland


I’ve gone to c***** alone many times, but I’ve never brought a partner.


A visit to Big Bone Lick State Park might be in order.


It's longer than expected that's for sure!


I was in Gurley and C*****g just the other day.

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