Unbelievable Sneak Attack Goal by Tiare: A Natural Born Rogue on the Soccer Field

Zoey Waverider

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an astonishing display of cunning and skill, Tiare executed a remarkable sneak attack goal that left everyone in awe. During the game, Tiare cleverly played a game of hide-and-seek, positioning himself behind the unsuspecting goalkeeper, Kaepern. As Kaepern was momentarily distracted, Tiare seized the opportunity not only to steal the ball but also to take a sip from the goalkeeper's water bottle, a move that had fans buzzing with disbelief.

One viewer remarked on the surprising lack of communication from the goalkeeper’s teammates, which allowed Tiare to pull off this incredible feat. Another fan pointed out, "He also drank the goalkeeper's water!" The audacity of Tiare's actions drew comparisons to a near-similar event by Ghana in the World Cup, highlighting the rarity and boldness of such a move.

Interestingly, basketball fans drew parallels with NBA player Jose Alvarado, who is known for his sneaky tactics during inbound passes. Dubbed "Grand Theft Alvarado," Jose hides near his bench and steals the ball, driving opponents crazy. This comparison only adds to the legendary status of Tiare’s goal.

For those questioning the legality of Tiare's actions, one knowledgeable fan clarified, "It’s only an off-side if the ball comes from a teammate. Since he steals it from a rival, it’s perfectly legal." This insight was echoed by a former goalkeeper who emphasized the importance of situational awareness, a lesson Kaepern learned the hard way.

Atlanta United fans were particularly ecstatic, with one commenting, "My club on the front page of Reddit!? Inject it into my veins! What a goal from Tiare, the absolute stud! VAMOS ATL!!"

The video quickly went viral, prompting entertaining comments from fans and even eliciting laughter with Dungeons & Dragons references like "Roll for Stealth and Athletics" and "Two Nat 20's." One fan humorously compared the incident to Dan Orlovsky’s infamous end zone blunder, suggesting that Kaepern might never live this down.

Overall, Tiare’s incredible sneak attack goal remains a highlight in the world of soccer, showcasing quick thinking and impeccable timing. It’s a testament to the unpredictable nature of the sport and a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected plays make the biggest impact.

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Top Comments from Reddit


The most suprising thing is why the goalkeepers teammates aren't communticating with him


He also drank the goalkeepers water!


There's a basketball player named Jose Alvarado that does something similar in the NBA. He hides in the corner near his bench during an inbound pass. Then sneaks up behind and steals it. Drives the opponents nuts. His nickname is Grand Theft Alvarado


That’s insane! Ghana almost did this in the World Cup 🔥🔥🔥


"I hide behind the goalie and steal the ball as soon as he's thrown it!"   "Roll for Stealth and Athletics"   "Two Nat 20's"  "F***...."


Did he also drink from the goalie's bottle?


Was that legal?


As someone who was a keeper for almost 2 decades stuff like this is why your coaches preach "situational awareness"


I don’t know s*** about soccer but it seems like if this is okay, why doesn’t it get attempted every time the goalie has to put the ball back into play?


For those asking, it’s only an off-side if the ball comes from a team mate (either from a pass or because the team mates shoots). If it’s from a rival, then it’s not. In this case he steals the ball from a rival, perfectly legal.

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