Rob Schneider's Whimsical New Video: A Derp-tastic Adventure!

Riley Sundew

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Rob Schneider has once again captured the internet's attention with a side-splitting new video that's making waves on Reddit. The video, titled "Rob Schneider," features a humorous narrative filled with quirky phrases like "derp-de-derp" and "de-teedle-dee-tum," showcasing Schneider's unique comedic style.

In this latest creation from the minds behind "Derp" and "Tum-de-teedle-dee-tum-de-derp," Rob Schneider takes center stage as he embarks on a derp-de-derp-filled journey. The video, rated PG-13, is a rollercoaster of laughs with Schneider's signature comedic timing and absurdity.

The Reddit community has been buzzing with reactions to the video. One user humorously dubbed Schneider as "The stapler," while another reminisced about a stand-up show where Schneider's performance left them in stitches. Despite some mixed reviews, the general consensus is that this video is another hit from the comedian.

Some comments have added to the hilarity, with users like Alex pointing out the "smoking lamp" and others engaging in playful banter with phrases like "Da doo pa doo pa doobadoo." However, not all reactions have been positive. One user critiqued Schneider's turn towards conservative content, but even they admitted, "you'll pay to see it anyway."

For those confused by the "derpaderb" language, another user humorously asked for a plain English synopsis, while comments like "He's about to find out" and "Oh oh. You posted Rob Schneider" hint at the polarizing yet entertaining nature of the video.

Rob Schneider continues to prove that his comedic genius resonates with audiences, even sparking debates and laughter across social media platforms. This new video is a testament to his enduring appeal and ability to keep fans eagerly anticipating his next move.

Dive into Rob Schneider's latest derp-de-derp adventure and join the conversation. Whether you're laughing along or scratching your head, one thing is certain: Rob Schneider knows how to keep us entertained!

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Top Comments from Reddit


Rob Schneider is “The stapler”


Alex. You forgot smoking lamp!


Another bum who couldn't hack it, had to turn all conservative to get a special on FOX.


Da doo pa doo pa doobadoo


Whatever f*** you, you'll pay to see it anyway.


I don't speak derpaderb, can someone just give me a plain english synopsis to this movie? 


"Hes about to find out "


Rob wishes he could be in something this funny.


Seen Rob Schnieder do stand up once. 70% was ok, but the remaining 30% had me in stitches and was the hardest I've laughed in a decade


Oh oh. You posted Rob Schneider. Angry liberal Reddit users incoming lol….

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