Inflatable Pool Inside Living Room Sparks Laughable Reactions on Reddit

Avery Emberly

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent Reddit post titled "It's too hot outside" has captivated users with an image of an unconventional solution to beating the heat. The picture showcases a well-lit living room with modern decor, featuring an inflated rectangular plastic pool filled with water right in the center. The pool, adorned with colorful silhouettes of people in blue, red, orange, and green, has become the central talking point of the room.

Adjacent to the pool on the right side stands a dark-colored fabric couch with cushions in vibrant shades of red and mustard yellow, accompanied by a cozy throw blanket dr**** over the armrest. In front of the pool, a dark wooden coffee table holds a glass of beer, adding a touch of relaxation to the unique setup.

The room is further beautified with large potted plants, one behind the couch and another taller one near the entrance, which appears to be a faux tropical plant. The modern lighting with hanging pendant lights and large windows with partially closed venetian blinds creates a serene ambiance, allowing natural light to gently illuminate the space.

In the background, the image reveals a dining area and a kitchen. The dining area features a dark wooden table with chairs and an orange curtain on the window/door, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The kitchen counter is visible with some decorative items, including plants and possibly some appliances, enhancing the h**** feel of the room.

Reddit users had a field day with this post, sharing a range of humorous and insightful comments. One user quipped, "Looks really smart, and nothing could go wrong. 🙃," while another remarked, "accidental twitch streamer." The post even garnered a witty comment about the pool's weight, estimating it to be around 2,502 lbs based on a pool volume calculator.

Other notable comments included, "How you gonna drain it?" and "Hope you don't get a leakage," highlighting potential practical concerns. Some users suggested creative alternatives, such as, "Just take the beer and an iPad to the bathroom tub?!," and one even humorously recommended setting up a live stream to capture any mishaps, stating, "You need to set up a live stream so people can see when it ruptures and destroys your living room. Ask for donations and make a little doe ray me."

The image also sparked memories for one user who reminisced, "Went to South Padre area and rented a condo that looked exactly like this minus the pool. Was I in your home?" Overall, the post not only provided a laugh but also a glimpse into the creativity and resourcefulness of individuals finding ways to stay cool during hot weather.

For those considering a similar setup, it might be wise to heed the advice of Redditors and think through the logistics, especially when it comes to draining the pool and avoiding potential water damage. Nonetheless, the image serves as a delightful example of how creativity can turn a simple living room into an oasis, even if just for a moment.

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Looks really smart, and nothing could go wrong. 🙃


accidental twitch streamer.


I wanted to figure the approx weight this was putting on the floor (which I hope is slab on grade) first I found this kiddie pool: I then found a pool volume calculator: That pool is 20 inches tall and looks to be about 60% full, that would put it at 12 inches of water. Using that caulator it says that size of shape would be 300 gallons. A gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs so 300 * 8.34 = **approx 2,502 lbs.** *Edit: one oversight, the dimensions on the box are most likely the outer dimensions of the pool, so the inner size is obviously less. That pool calculator I found also seems to not be too accurate in these smaller dimensions (or its rounding off the number), someone better at geometry could figure a more accurate volume. I'd suspect 4'x6.5' inner dimensions.


*We are Farmers, bum ba dum bum bum bum bum.*


Giving birth soon?


How you gonna drain it?




You deserve whatever happens next.


Important that beer is


Went to South Padre area and rented a condo that looked exactly like this minus the pool. Was I in your home?

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