Dad's Zany Distraction at Avril Lavigne’s Glastonbury Concert Goes Viral

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A video titled "Took my dad to an Avril Lavigne concert 😅🫣🤣" is taking Reddit by storm, showcasing a humorous moment at Glastonbury Festival. While Avril Lavigne's performance was mesmerizing, the spotlight was unexpectedly stolen by a dad who seemed more interested in checking the latest scores on his phone.

One observer hilariously pointed out, "More like dad took you to an Avril Lavigne concert," while another clarified, "That's not an Avril Lavigne concert, that's Glastonbury." The dad's distraction didn't go unnoticed, with another commenter adding, "Erm this is Glastonbury n he's checking the England score!! Good lad!"

The scene resonated with many, with one user noting, "Looks like the rest of the crowd was equally enthused…" Another quipped, "Did he just Google 'fastest scores'?" only to self-correct, "Edit: nvm I found a better view, 'latest scores'. That makes more sense."

One sharp-eyed commenter pointed out a bit of irony, "To be fair the person criticizing someone on their phone is ALSO on their phone." The Glastonbury vibe was captured succinctly with a simple, "Glasto!!!!"

The humor continued with playful jabs like, "Was he a skater boy?" and a nod to the ongoing excitement of the Euros, "Euros > Avril. Esp with England nearly messing it up."

Despite the distractions, Avril Lavigne's performance received positive feedback. "She played an amazing set and the crowd was into it. The performance is getting really good reviews," said one fan. Meanwhile, another couldn't help but notice, "and now his crotch is on the internet."

The dad's casual approach to checking scores amused many, with one person commenting, "I love the generic 'latest scores', he doesn’t even care what sport just give me something." Some, however, didn't find the humor, "Glastonbury and he's trying to find out the England Score. Nothing about this is funny."

The video encapsulated a moment of real-life comedy, with users quoting Avril's famous lyrics, "Why do you have to make things so complicated???" and "Seems like she about to go on, background music and everyone was just killing time looking at ‘latest scores’."

Ending on a light-hearted note, one user humorously speculated, "You’ve got it all wrong. He was trying to look up ‘Latest Scorsese film’ to see if it was going to be a biopic on Avril Lavigne because he loved the concert so much."

This viral moment from Glastonbury Festival has not only entertained thousands but also highlighted the relatable nature of getting distracted during events. Whether dad was truly captivated by Avril Lavigne or just the latest scores, the internet surely got a good laugh.

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More like dad took you to an Avril Lavigne concert


That's not an " Avril Lavigne concert ", that's Glastonbury.


Looks like the rest of the crowd was equally enthused…


Did he just Google "fastest sc*****s"? Edit: nvm I found a better view, "latest scores". That makes more sense.


Erm this is Glastonbury n he's checking the England score!! Good lad!


To be fair the person criticizing someone on their phone is ALSO on their phone.


Euros > Avril Esp with England nearly f***ing it up


Was he a skater boy?




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