Unbelievable OSHA Notice: The Witty Bathroom Sign That Has Reddit Laughing

Mason Riverwind

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world where workplace safety regulations reign supreme, a recent image shared on Reddit has taken the internet by storm, blending humor with an apparent nod to OSHA standards. The image showcases a notice sign plastered on what seems to be a bathroom stall door, and it’s got everyone talking.

The sign is visually striking with its blue, white, and black color scheme. Topped with a blue strip that reads "NOTICE" in large white uppercase letters, it immediately grabs attention. Next to this text is a yellow triangle symbol containing an exclamation mark, a universal warning sign that hints at the absurdity to come.

Below the blue strip, the notice reads:

**OSHA LAW 1342.13B**

Any t*** 6" in length or longer

must be HAND LOWERED into

the toilet to prevent chemical


Written in a combination of regular and bold uppercase letters, the text is designed to emphasize key points, particularly the references to "OSHA LAW 1342.13B" and "HAND LOWERED."

The sign's purpose appears to be an exaggerated yet humorous reminder about toilet use, specifically suggesting that users hand-lower any b**** movements of considerable size to prevent splashback. This humorous take on OSHA regulations has drawn a variety of reactions from Reddit users.

One user humorously mentioned, "Osha standard 1342.13C (amended 2018) states that all turds over 10\" in length require a two-man lift." Another quipped, "The thing is how in the hell would you know the t*** your s***ting out is going to be 6”?" These comments showcase the community's playful engagement with the content.

The conversation took another turn when someone asked, "Where the _hell_ is this from, and where can I get one???" This query highlights the sign's appeal and the curiosity it has sparked among viewers. Another user joked, "Someone get the p*** knife!" adding to the overall amusement.

Additional comments ranged from practical concerns to comedic observations. "How does one ….. measure?" pondered one user, while another added, "Please wear PPE while performing this action. Personal P*** Excavation gear."

While a few users expressed skepticism, with remarks like "Isn't complaining about OSHA like total boomer humor?" the majority found the sign and the ensuing discussion thoroughly entertaining. One user even linked to a workplace video, saying, "Found [this guy's](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gexjlM-jjEc) workplace."

Overall, the image serves as a perfect blend of humor and satire, making it a hit on Reddit. It shows that even the most mundane aspects of life, like using the bathroom, can be turned into a source of laughter and amusement. This sign, with its exaggerated take on OSHA regulations, has undoubtedly become a memorable internet moment.

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Osha standard 1342.13C (amended 2018) states that all turds over 10" in length require a two-man lift.


Someone get the p*** knife!


Where the _hell_ is this from, and where can I get one???


The thing is how in the hell would you know thebturd your s***ting out is going to be 6”


So those that are less than 6 inchess...


No way that it actually says "t***" 😂


How does one ….. measure?


S*** happens


These hate comments on The Acolyte have to stop 😊


What if it's diarrhea?

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