The Snowy Adventures of College Life in Maine: A Humorous Look Back

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

College life in Maine isn’t just about academics; it's also about embracing the unique and often extreme weather conditions. A striking image circulating on Reddit captures this perfectly: a man buried up to his neck in a large pile of snow. His head, the only visible part, emerges from the snowy landscape, surrounded by mounds of densely packed snow. The clear blue sky in the background adds a touch of serenity to this humorous scene.

The Reddit community has had a lot to say about this nostalgic and funny image, bringing back memories of their own experiences in snowy regions. One user humorously noted, "So much coke," making a playful comparison to a famous scene from the movie Scarface. Another user commented, "Better than going to college in Louisiana. Swamp a** ain’t no joke," highlighting the stark contrast between the cold of Maine and the heat of Louisiana.

For those who have experienced college life in Maine, the struggles with snow are all too familiar. "You really did have to walk through 4 feet of snow uphill to school every day," one user reminisced, while another fondly remembered, "I, too, went to college in Maine. My birthday is in very late April. It snowed on 2 of my 4 birthdays there."

Others shared their thoughts on the current state of snowy winters in Maine. "Except it rarely snows like this anymore. All the ski mountains have invested heavily in creating their own snow so the industry doesn't die," a user pointed out, reflecting on climate changes affecting the region.

The image also sparked some light-hearted comments. "Looks like a cool album cover," one user suggested, while another quipped, "Kept getting jumpscared by Pennywise," referencing the iconic clown from Stephen King’s 'It'.

Despite the challenges, many expressed their love for Maine. "Ayyy, Maine! Love Maine! We didn’t get much snow this year unfortunately," one user exclaimed. The sense of camaraderie and shared experiences among those who have braved the Maine winters is palpable in the comments.

For those curious about what it’s like to attend college in Maine, this image and the accompanying comments provide a glimpse into the snowy adventures and the unique charm of this northern state. Whether dealing with mountains of snow or reminiscing about past winters, the spirit of Maine's college life is both resilient and filled with humor.

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Top Comments from Reddit


So much coke


Better than going to college is Louisiana. Swamp a** ain’t no joke.


It is always worst, up north, in Quebec.


You really did have to walk through 4 feet of snow uphill to school every day.


Dirty snow? You cheated by finding a mountain created by snow ploughs, didn't you?


Sure, in the walmart parking lot where the plows push the 1-2 in on the ground to. Live in Maine was not like this this year. It was pathetic this year.


I, too, went to college in Maine. My birthday is in very late April. It snowed on 2 of my 4 birthdays there. PS - Go U Bears




Kept getting jumpscared by Pennywise


Looks like a cool album cover

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