Internet Reacts to Epic "Final Boss" Grandma Holding Oversized Sword

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent image posted on Reddit has taken the internet by storm, depicting an elderly woman confidently holding an oversized sword, earning her the title of "Final Boss." The image, which was shared in the r/bossfight subreddit, has sparked a wave of humorous and nostalgic comments, showcasing the creativity and wit of the online community.

In the image, the elderly woman, who has short, light-colored hair and is smiling, stands in a cozy, lived-in room. Dressed in a black floral dress and dark shoes, she exudes a cheerful and confident demeanor as she wields the enormous sword. The sword itself is almost as tall as she is, with a broad, thick blade and a simple guard, making it look immensely heavy.

The room around her enhances the charm of the photo. A large wardrobe painted in a light color stands in the background, while a bed or couch covered with various items can be seen to her right. The floor is adorned with a slightly worn rug, and an overhead light illuminates the space. A framed picture or artwork hangs on the wall behind her, and a piece of furniture with indistinguishable objects is visible on the left side of the image.

The Reddit community quickly embraced the image, leaving a trail of entertaining comments. One user humorously remarked, "If she was the real final boss, she would be holding a sandal," while another added, "When she tells you to sit and eat, you sit and eat!" References to popular culture also made their way into the conversation, with comments like "Guts' Nana?" and "Elden ring DLC edition" highlighting the image's resemblance to video game and anime characters.

A particularly popular comment suggested, "She upgraded from the slipper to the sword," alluding to the common trope of grandmothers wielding slippers as disciplinary tools. Another user exclaimed, "da grandma battle," capturing the playful spirit of the post.

The image even evoked memories for some, with one user sharing, "Bro my parents used to have that EXACT creepy angel picture hanging over the toilet in their bathroom and it used to scare the s*** out of me. Thanks for bringing back memories I never wanted to remember :/."

Overall, the "Final Boss" grandma image has become a delightful sensation on Reddit, bringing joy and laughter to users worldwide. The combination of the elderly woman's cheerful demeanor and the oversized sword has created an unforgettable moment, immortalized by the internet's creative and witty responses.

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Top Comments from Reddit


If she was the real final boss, she would be holding a sandal.


When she tells you to sit and eat, you sit and eat !


Guts' Nana?


If you get this paddle, whatever you did must be really bad.




She should put her grasses on.


Just hope she doesn’t put the berserker armor on. We all would be f***ed.


There can be only one.


Elder Ring


The real weapon is the sandals

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