Elle Cordova's Wacky Video on World-Changing Technologies Goes Viral

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Elle Cordova has once again left audiences in stitches with her latest video, "All the world-changing technologies talking to each other." This creative and comedic take on human innovation showcases various pivotal technologies as they hilariously argue about their significance in human history.

The video begins with a cheeky conversation among different technologies, each claiming their importance. "Humans have come so far, and to think it all started with me," kicks off the dialogue, leading to a humorous debate. Fire is quickly put in its place with, "For the last time, fire, you were harnessed, not invented. You're not even in this club."

Throughout the video, viewers are treated to a clever back-and-forth among technologies like the industrial revolution catalysts and those responsible for the spread of ideas. One particularly amusing moment is when a character quips, "Hey, just remember, some of yous would have still been science fiction without us material guys, eh?" This line highlights the indispensable role of material sciences in technological advancement.

The video also features a surprise guest asking, "Hello, world. Hi. Can I have a seat at your table?" To which another character responds, "Will you be a net good for humanity?" The newcomer confidently replies, "Of course."

Viewers have flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts. One user enthusiastically states, "That's Elle Cordova. She's wacky and I love her puns 🤣," while another humorously asks, "Would AI lie to you?" Some comments delve into specific technologies, with one pointing out, "Agriculture, the intentional domestication of plants and animals, would like a word."

Not all feedback was positive, with critiques on the video’s subtitles: "These one-word, pop-up subtitles are so nauseating." Another user echoes this sentiment, "Am I the only one who hates this type of subtitles? It's so stupid! The words flash so fast you need to keep your eyes fixed on the text *all the time*. It is impossible to see what's going on and read the subtitles at the same time!"

Despite these criticisms, the video has sparked thoughtful discussions. One comment reads, "If we accept fire into the group, it's the clear winner. Without fire, our brain would have never had enough nutrition to evolve into what we have now."

Elle Cordova’s video isn’t just a comedy; it’s a thought-provoking piece that nudges viewers to ponder the technologies that have shaped human civilization. Whether it’s the industrial revolution, the spread of ideas, or the everyday tools like sewing, Cordova’s witty portrayal ensures that every technology gets its due recognition.

For those interested in a blend of humor and historical insight, this video is a must-watch. From its clever script to the engaging discussions it has sparked, Elle Cordova has once again proven her prowess in creating content that resonates and entertains.

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That's Elle Cordova. She's hilarious and I love her puns 🤣


Would AI lie to you?


Agriculture, the intentional domestication of plants and animals, would like a word.


Superconductor -> Semiconductor


These one word, pop-up subtitles are so nauseating.


Maybe credit other people’s work OP?  


"No. You're a dictionary plugged into a math problem in your current iteration, and a loose sometimes-convincing stack of "if/then" commands otherwise"


Sewing doesn't get enough credit.


If we accept fire into the group its the clear winner. Without fire, our brain would have never had enough nutirition to evolve into what we have now.


I'm allergic to penicillin!

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