Doctor's Funny Tale: Patient's Bizarre Excuse for Object Found Inside Them

Aiden Starling

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent video on Reddit has captured the internet's attention, featuring a doctor from the A&E department sharing an unbelievable tale of a patient's excuse for an unusual item found inside them. The video is filled with humor and absurdity, making it a must-watch for those seeking a good laugh.

In the video, the doctor reveals that during a night shift, he encountered a patient with a tippy cup lodged inside their r*****. The doctor humorously recounts the incident, explaining that the patient brought in an example of the tippy cup to show what it looked like. When asked if the cup still had liquid inside, the doctor clarified that it was empty.

The story takes a fascinating turn when the doctor shares the patient's explanation for how the tippy cup ended up in such an unusual place. According to the patient, his wife wanted him to understand what childbirth felt like, leading her to insert the tippy cup as a demonstration. This quirky and unexpected reason adds a layer of hilarity to the already bizarre situation.

The video has garnered a significant amount of attention, with Reddit users chiming in with their reactions. One user amusingly commented, "Congratulations, it’s a tippy cup!" while another shared, "Doctor sounds like the guy from zero punctuation." Some users expressed curiosity about other strange objects the doctor might have encountered, with comments like, "I wanted to hear about the other four!" and "We still didn't find out what the other 4 were."

Overall, the video serves as a humorous reminder of the bizarre and unexpected moments that medical professionals sometimes face in their line of work. The doctor's ability to recount the story with such comedic timing has made this video a viral hit, leaving viewers both amused and astonished.

For those interested in more unusual and funny medical tales, this video is definitely worth checking out. It offers a light-hearted glimpse into the world of emergency medicine and the unexpected scenarios that can arise.

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Top Comments from Reddit


He seemed to enjoy that more than the crowd.


All people that I had in the ER with stuff in their a**** basically just said they were bored or couldn't m********* successfully so they upped the effort.


Congratulations, it’s a tippy cup!


We still didn't find out what the other 4 were, or [answer the big question](


Doctor sounds like the guy from zero punctuation.


A&E ?


That was great! I want to hear about the other four!


Poor child, but those parents are in dire need of a divorce.


I don't know how he got there 😁


i wanted to hear the other 4 lol

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