The Amusing '366 FAP' License Plate: A Leap Year to Remember

Mason Riverwind

Updated Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A photograph making waves on Reddit has captured the attention of many with its humorous and intriguing content. The image showcases the rear view of a white Honda CR-V, stopped at a traffic light. The focal point of this picture? The vehicle's amusing license plate, which reads "366 FAP."

This Louisiana plate, proudly displaying "Sportsman's Paradise," has ignited a wave of entertaining comments and jokes. One user humorously pointed out, “Leap year too. One extra day to party.” Another chimed in with, "Not a year but the number of times he does it every day lmao," suggesting the frequency of the presumed activity.

The hilarity continued with quips like "You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers," and "The forever alone party?" The community didn’t stop there. Comments like "New year, new me," and "Leap year challenge," added to the playful banter.

One particularly witty remark noted, “We found the fap counter car before GTA VI,” referencing the long-anticipated video game. Another user imagined a companion vehicle with the plate "247 FAP," somewhere in the same city.

The cleverness of the license plate was acknowledged with a comment, “That’s a smart numberplate!” while another suggested, “Replace the last 6 with 9 and it's perfect,” adding a cheeky twist to the conversation.

The image, taken from inside another vehicle directly behind the Honda CR-V, also shows green traffic lights and other cars in the background, adding to the everyday authenticity of the scene.

This amusing snapshot from Louisiana, with its unexpected and funny license plate, has certainly given people a reason to laugh and engage in some light-hearted fun. Whether you’re in for the jokes or simply curious about the “366 FAP” phenomenon, this image is a delightful reminder of the humor that can be found in everyday life.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Leap year too. One extra day to party.


Not a year but the number of time he do it every day lmao


You gotta punp those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers.


Leap year challenge


new year new me


The forever alone party?


Those are rookie numbers.


"...and one to grow on!"


We found the fap counter car before gta VI


Somewhere in that same city, someone has the plate "247 FAP".

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