Striking Similarities in Family Mugshots Spark Amusing Reactions Online

Mason Riverwind

Updated Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

An intriguing image has surfaced on Reddit, capturing the attention and imagination of users with its uncanny resemblance between three individuals. The image portrays three portrait-style mugshots set against a plain gray background, and the similarities among the featured individuals are nothing short of striking.

From left to right, the first individual is a younger man sporting short, light brown hair and a bit of facial stubble. He is dressed in a blue shirt with red accents, which appears to be a sports jersey. The second individual, a middle-aged man, also has short, light brown hair, albeit messier on top, and a stern expression. He is clad in a solid red shirt and has light stubble on his face. The third and final individual is an older person with white wavy hair, glasses, and a neutral expression, dressed in a dark-colored top.

The image, framed with a blue border featuring slightly curved bottom corners, suggests a news broadcast format. The lack of text within the image itself adds to the mystery and intrigue.

The Reddit community was quick to react with a mix of humor and curiosity. One user humorously remarked, "Three generations caught in the same crime?" Another commented on the resemblance by saying, "Same person just take 20 years apart." The comical observations didn't stop there. "Full pokemon evolution be like," quipped another user, while one noted, "They look like the bad family from Pete's Dragon."

A particularly witty comment drew attention to the family resemblance with a playful twist: "The Fratellis be looking rough," alluding to the infamous villainous family from the classic film "The Goonies." Another user even brought up a real-life criminal case with a link to a CBS News article about a Michigan woman accused of hiding evidence for her grandson in a drive-by shooting.

The image also prompted users to draw comparisons to various cultural references. "Trailer Park Tales: the next generation" and "Are you sure this isn't a hormone replacement therapy ad?" were among the creative comments. One user humorously dubbed the third individual "Meth McConnell," and another observed, "The droop is strong in this family."

Not all reactions were light-hearted, though. One user voiced a more serious perspective, questioning the humor in making fun of "societies broken and downtrodden."

Regardless of the varied reactions, the image has certainly sparked a lively discussion online, showcasing the power of visual content to engage and entertain. The curious case of these family mugshots serves as a reminder of the diverse and sometimes surprising ways people connect over shared observations and humor.

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Three generations caught in the same crime?


Mans Anamporphed into an old lady.


The Fratellis be looking rough


The article link [](


Same person just take 20 years apart.


Full pokemon evolution be like


They look like the bad family from Pete's Dragon.


If it’s a family he probably really is!


The droop is strong in this family.


Third guy be looking like Meth McConnell

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