Unveiling the Quirky Danish Liquorice: The Curious Case of 'S'

Mia Nightshade

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of confectionery, Danish liquorice stands out with its unique and often bold flavors. Recently, an image surfaced online featuring a small black box of Danish liquorice that has sparked curiosity and amusement. The box, held in someone's hand, showcases a playful, stylized design of the number 9 in bright red and yellow, resembling a fish with an eye and eyelashes. Below this artistic numeral, the word "S****" is prominently displayed in bold, blue capital letters with a white outline, slightly overlapping the drawn figure.

The top of the box features a horizontal red stripe with the text "SALTAKLRIDS" written in bold, yellow capital letters against a black background, matching the rest of the box's color. This intriguing packaging has not only captured attention visually but also through its whimsical choice of words.

The name "S****" might ring a bell for those familiar with children's literature. A Reddit user pointed out that there is a chapter in a famous children's book by Astrid Lindgren, specifically "Pipi Langstrumpf," where the word "S****" is used. It is a 100% innocent, made-up word from a funny story for children, adding a nostalgic and playful element to the product.

Comments on the image have been varied and entertaining. One user humorously referenced a "Clarkson moment," likely alluding to the outspoken and often humorous personality of Jeremy Clarkson. Another commenter joked, "Ahhh, so that's why black liquorice tastes bad," hinting at the divisive flavor of salted liquorice.

Further adding to the humor, someone mentioned spotting chocolates called "Plopp" at Lidl, reminiscing about an episode of "Men Behaving Badly" where characters tried foreign lagers with quirky names like Binky, Plop, and Sod. This connection highlights how unique and amusing product names can stick in our memories.

One comment even brought in a bit of American culture, jesting that the design looked like something a dyslexic kid from Salt Lake City, Utah might create, possibly as a nod to the punk rock culture of the area. "Come get you a mouth full of that S****!" quipped another user, playfully engaging with the product's name.

This little box of Danish liquorice, with its eye-catching design and amusing name, has managed to bring together a community of people who appreciate the quirky and the nostalgic. Whether you're a fan of black liquorice or simply enjoy unique packaging, the "S****" box is a delightful addition to the world of sweets.

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There is a chapter in a famous children's book by Astrid Lindgren (Pipi Langstrumpf) about the S****. It's a 100% innocent, made-up word from a funny story for children.


Clarkson moment


Ahhh, so that's why black liquorice tastes bad.


Have you seen that Lidl are selling chocolates called "Plopp"? It takes me back to a Men Behaving Badly episode where they try foreign lagers called Binky, Plop, and Sod.


I thought some dyslexic kid from Salt Lake City, Utah was showing off his art and love for SLC Punk. J/k


"Come get you a mouth full of that s****!" I'm Don Dr**** over here.

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