Unveiling the 1918 St. Louis Newspaper: A Glimpse into Historic Headlines and Events

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Delving into the archives of history often yields fascinating discoveries, and a recently surfaced image of a 1918 St. Louis newspaper does not disappoint. This historical artifact, dated "St. Louis, Monday, May 20, 1918," provides a window into the tumultuous and lively events of the past.

The newspaper's main headline, "IN AIR," commands attention, hinting at possibly significant aviation-related news. However, the smaller articles and subheadings steal the show with their vivid descriptions and sensational titles.

On the left side, a gripping headline reads, "20 Wounded Groes Rout in Hun Band," accompanied by a partially visible text that describes an intense skirmish: "And Beat Off Enemy and or Hurt Five in Raiding Without Aid of Other American Soldiers...ields Rifle as ub When it Jams." This headline suggests a violent confrontation, possibly involving American soldiers during a period of conflict.

In the middle section, the eye-catching title, "ALL-DAY O*** OF C*** FIGHTS AT FISHING CLUB," draws immediate intrigue. The accompanying text reveals, "400 St. Louis Men Participate in Craps and Poker Games and ‘B****fest’ at Seeburger Place Near St. Charles." This vivid description paints a picture of a raucous gathering where men engaged in gambling and drinking, highlighting the wild social scenes of the time.

Further down in the same section, another startling headline reads, "10 ROOSTERS ARE KILLED WHILE FIGHTING IN PIT." The text below provides more context: "Thirsty Patrons Drink Beer From Big Tub as Others Crowd Whisky Stand and Kitchen at Open Air Sunday 'Festival.'" This subheading underscores the brutal reality of cockfighting events, where the entertainment was as fierce as it was violent.

On the right side of the image, a partially visible title reads, "President...," suggesting coverage of presidential news or statements, which were likely significant at the time.

The general layout of the newspaper highlights the main headline in the largest font, followed by sub-headlines in slightly smaller bold fonts, and the body text in much smaller regular fonts. This design choice prioritizes the most sensational and newsworthy stories, drawing readers' attention to the most critical events of the day.

This historic newspaper not only provides a snapshot of the past but also offers insight into the social and cultural dynamics of 1918 St. Louis. From violent skirmishes to wild social gatherings, these headlines capture the essence of a bygone era, reminding us of the ever-evolving nature of news and human interest.

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That headline on the left is a little sus too


In Juneau, AK the old soup kitchen was officially named "The Glory Hole" they finally changed it about 10 years ago after getting tired of all the jokes about Manchowder.


Dang, did anyone else read that as "F****** CLUB"?


I would say r/brandnewsentence except it was 1918. Oldbrandnewsentence?


400 men participate in “craps and poker games.” Yeah….

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